August 4, 2002

American Border Patrol
NetScope   Do you want to avoid time consuming, unattractive and expensive cable runs?
   Is there a location that seems too distant, inconvenient or impossible to monitor?
   netSCOPE's wireless system makes difficult camera placements a snap.
   Cameras may be placed up to 7 miles from your computer's Internet connection.
   Install a camera at the end of a fishing pier or atop a tower [Or along the border]. You may not see the camera but you will see the crystal clear images it's sending to your monitor.
   No electric power available? A battery operated system will keep your system running for days without recharging.
American Border Patrol System Design Progressing
   American Border Patrol will go online in Southern Arizona on September 1.
   We are working hard to bring modern technology to bear to inform the American people about problems on our border.
   Our plans call for the use of Web cams to show live video of border crossers.
   Is this feasible? Yes. At left, one supplier, netSCOPE, shows just how advanced the technology is.
Red DotYour support is needed to bring this technology to the border.
Red DotDouglas mayor decries American Border patrol plans
Red DotAbout American Border Patrol

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