November 10, 2002

Barnett Says U.S. Is Being
Invaded From Mexico
Rancher has turned over to BP more than 2,000 illegal trespassers this year
Barnett Ranch, AZ -- (11/8/02) -- Rancher Roger Barnett told a Tucson TV reporter that the flood of illegal immigration across the Mexican border into the United States is an invasion. "It's an invasion. Like someone said, its a slow moving invasion, one or two miles an hour, but it's an invasion." KGUN TV broadcast the interview during a special report Friday evening.
Note: KGUN TV mistakenly identified Glenn Spencer as Glenn Stewart. The error was corrected later in the show. (Glenn has suggested that we have moved from the Russian Cold War to the Mexican Slow War.) Red DotAlso see: Barnetts turn over record number of illegals
Border Issue on TV: Glenn Spencer and Roger Barnett to be on Donahue show. "Town Hall" type show will tape in New York on Tuesday, November 12, and air on Wednesday, November 13.

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