January 7, 2003

Arizona Rancher Sees Massive Invasion
Roger Barnett Critical of Border Patrol Management

Roger Barnett escorts group of nine illegal aliens off his ranch near Douglas, Arizona. Barnett has turned more than 5,000 illegal aliens over the to Border Patrol in recent years.
Roundup of Trespassers Continues
Douglas, AZ (ABP) -- With the roundup of nine illegal alien trespassers, rancher Roger Barnett says the flood of invaders from Mexico appears to be increasing rapidly in the new year. "That guy Aguilar (Chief of the Tucson Sector of the Border Patrol) ought to retire and go camping," Barnett said. "But not here," he added, "this is not a good place to go camping." According to Barnett, Aguilar has claimed that the tracks on his ranch are made by campers.
Glenn Spencer interviews Roger Barnett recently
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