January 22, 2003

Altar - Launch Pad For Invasion
Small Mexican Village Does Big Invasion Business

Only four blocks long, Altar is a small Mexican village. But a close examination shows hundreds of people who closely resemble those oftentimes arrested trying to cross the U.S. Border.
Altar, Sonora, Mexico (ABP) -- Jan. 20, 2003 -- Following up on stories of a build up of potential intruders in Mexican villages along the border, an American Border Patrol Hawkeye visited Altar, Sonora, Mexico. As the photos in the linked page show, there is a great deal of border related activity in this small village. The Hawkeye reported his findings to the Border Patrol, and gave them copies of the photos shown in this report.

Watch for a Special Presentation about ABP on KSAZ-10, Phoenix Feb. 4

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