February 15, 2003

Tech TV Visits American Border Patrol
Popular Cable Station to Report on Application
of High Technology to Border Problems

ABP Technical Director Mike King shows Tech TV crew a ground sensor that is being installed on popular foot trails into the U.S. (ABP is seeking sponsors for these sensors.)
Naco, AZ (ABP) Feb. 13 -- Drawn by reports of the application of high tech to Border Enforcement, a Tech TV crew spent a day filming American Border Patrol in action along the Mexican border and at its headquarters near Sierra Vista, Arizona, for an upcoming special report. The crew seemed particularly interested in the American Border Patrol's ability to build high tech gear in its own shop, including specialized antennae, video transmission systems and to create original software. (The border mission was rained out so no live images of the border were sent. Hawkeyes did observe a BP apprehension, however.)

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