February 19, 2003

Wild Night in Hereford
Ranchers report wild chase in desert - 100 officers involved
Hereford, AZ (2/19/03) (ABP) Calls to American Border Patrol at dawn this morning told of a night of mayhem in the yards of ranchers and homeowners in this border community. According to one homeowner, more than 100 Border Patrol and Drug Enforcement Agency officers were seen running through yards chasing unknown suspects and three helicopters were seen circling the area. Late reports indicate that the vehicles doing all the damage were Mexican drug smugglers' vehicles painted to look like BP units.

A race to destruction.
Part of a vehice that was torn off in a wild chase across private property just north of the border in Hereford. According to a BP agent, the vehicle was painted to look like a BP vehicle but was operated by a drug runner. Three vehicles were towed off one property alone, one was probably totaled. The vehicles raced across yards, tearing through fences. ABP photographed the bodies of two quail that were killed in one yard.

Remnants of major breakthrough
ABP photographed seven suspected border intruders on Arizona state route 92 near Ramsey Canyon Rd. The Border Patrol advised that they were the remnants of a large group than had broken through the night before. They said they were unsure if they would be able to pick them up.
(See map of approximate location of melee)

ABP's First Night Mission

ABP -- 9:36 PM PST - 2/19/03 -- This mission involves testing of video equipment, and the crew is being accompanied by a government VIP. The suspicious individuals around the SUV seen in the shot at your left are in Mexico just south of the border near Hereford, AZ.

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