February 27, 2003

American Border Patrol Aids Rancher
"Nighthawk" Camera Spots 26 Intruders on Pasture

(Screen grab off Internet)
American Border Patrol infrared "Nighthawk" camera spots 20 border intruders on ranch west of San Pedro river, just north of U.S./Mexico border.
Hereford, AZ (ABP) Feb. 26 -- With an ABC camera crew taping it all and a writer for Esquire magazine taking notes, it took American Border Patrol (ABP) only twenty minutes after full darkness to spot about twenty border intruders walking across the pasture of a border ranch just west of the San Pedro river in southeastern Arizona. The ABP mission was in response to a request by the rancher who said his property was being overrun. ABP's live images left no doubt that the rancher was telling the truth. ABP reported the SBIs to the Border Patrol. They were reportedly apprehended 40 minutes after our report.

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