March 4, 2003

Border Patrol Needs Our Help
Ad in northern newspaper encourages citizen involvement

From front page of Tombstone Telegraph -- Feb. 20, 2003 -- Click To Enlarge
"Support America's Front Line"
   According to the February 20, 2003 issue of the Tombstone Telegraph, the U.S. Border Patrol has run ads saying, "If you have information on the illegal movement of people or narcotics across the U.S. Canadian border, or if you observe suspicious activity, we need to hear from you." American Patrol is unaware of similar ads being run dealing with citizen involvement along the Mexican border.
   "I am delighted that at least some elements of the Border Patrol understand the importance of citizen involvement in the job of protecting our borders," said Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol. "We look forward to building a partnership with the new Department of Homeland Security by amplifying the effectiveness of the kind of citizen involvement this ad is seeking, " Spencer added.

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