March 26, 2003

Ft. Huachuca Commander Meets
with Border Patrol
Meeting Held at "Coyote's Hide-Out"

Fort Huachuca Commanders meet with Border Patrol officials at Coyote's Hide-Out Restaurant.

Hawkeye Report
  Coyote's Hide-Out Restaurant & Bar
  Turquoise Valley Golf Course
  At 1:00 PM MST, Wed., March 26, 2003

Naco, Arizona -- After a confidential meeting between Ft. Huachuca Acting Commander Brig. Gen. John Custer and Senior Border Patrol Agents from the Naco BP Station, seven US Army officers, ten US Border Patrol Agents and two men dressed in civilian clothes had a celebratory luncheon in Coyote's with congratulations and attaboys, with at least one Border Patrol Agent taking pictures of the luncheon. (More...)

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