March 30, 2003

New Border Technology
Being Deployed
American Border Patrol Begins Use of New Sensor Design 

Mike King of American Border Patrol deploys first of new sensors near the Mexican border. (Friday, March 28, 2003)
Palominas, Arizona -- (ABP) 3/30/03 -- A new ground sensor design that will detect illegal border crossers is being deployed by American Border Patrol (ABP) along the Mexican border in southeastern Arizona. The new sensors, developed by Border Technology, Inc. of Hereford, Arizona, will allow ABP to direct its BorderCam with greater reliability. "These new sensors use the latest in computer technology," said Glenn Spencer of ABP. According to Spencer details of the sensor design and the location of the placement of the sensors will not be released to the public for security reasons.
   "These sensors will be of real value in our nighttime operations," Spencer added.

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