April 1, 2003

Illegal Aliens Trash Arizona
Invasion Paraphernalia Discarded At Pick Up Points

Lay Up Areas Are Trash Dumps
Pearce, AZ (ABP -- 3/31/03) -- Illegal aliens cross the border into the U.S. aiming at a pick up point on one of the Arizona highways such as state route 191 that runs through Pearce, Arizona. Upon arriving at the pick up point, they "lay up" waiting for a ride. These pick up points are also trash dumps for the paraphernalia used for borders crossings such as back-packs, water bottles and empty food containers.

Environmentalists Silent
As tons of trash clog drainages, poison animals and defile the landscape, few environmental groups speak out against the behavior of illegal aliens. "There is no doubt that if this trash was being dumped by citizens there would be a congressional investigation," said Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol.

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