April 6, 2003

Naco Rally Turns Ugly
Attempt to Document Cross Border Function Met With Hostility

"The Border Action Network is attacking us while at the same time helping to organize lawlessness on our border," Glenn Spencer observed. "We intend to let the American people know what is happening on our border, and that includes the role of the Border Action Network and the Southern Poverty Law Center," Spencer added.
Naco, AZ - (4/5/03) - A cross border rally designed to erode the ability of the United States to control its borders turned ugly Saturday when an American Border Patrol (ABP) videographer, Glenn Spencer, was accosted by a group of people who began hurling invectives. Spencer said he positioned his ATV away from the main group but that some apparently knew what the ABP Border Cam looked like and immediately headed for him. "I was being surrounded and there was no doubt in my mind I was in physical danger," Spencer added. "It is clear that these people do not want America to know what is going on on the border." Spencer returned to ABPs MIST system where he continued to tape the event.
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