April 25, 2003

American Border Patrol
Successfully Tests UAV
Live Images From "Border Hawk" Sent Over the Internet

UAV aerial view of ABP's Mobile Internet Satellite Transmitter (MIST) and the operator of the UAV. See full size video image. (Taken April 25, 2003 at 5 pm Pacific time.)
Sierra Vista, Arizona (ABP - April 25) -- American Border Patrol (ABP), the high-tech organization that is "shedding light" on the border problem, successfully flew its "Border Hawk," an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), and sent live video images from the UAV out over the Internet through the MIST system. According to ABP president, Glenn Spencer, the success of the UAV test will pave the way to the development of a comprehensive, low-cost system of detection and surveillance along America's borders. "This is an important step in reaching our goal of showing how technology can be used to solve the border problem," Spencer said. Spencer said the Border Hawk will be in operation on the border in the next day or so.
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Red DotSee aerial shot of SBI footpath

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