April 27, 2003

Border Hawk Passes Field Test
American Border Patrol UAV Demonstrates Capability at Border

American Border Patrol vehicles (MIST included) were located on a private ranch near the border. The owner of the ranch was present for the test. (See close up -- large file)
Palominas, Arizona (ABP - April 26) -- An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed to locate border intruders passed an important systems test Saturday. Named Border Hawk by American Border Patrol (ABP), the UAV was flown over the San Pedro river near the border, a popular route used by aliens to enter the Untied States illegally. According to ABP president Glenn Spencer, the purpose of the test was not to spot illegals, but rather to test the ability of the system to operate remotely. Images from a camera on the UAV were sent by radio to the ABP Mobile Internet Satellite Transmitter (MIST) and then out over the Internet. Spencer said that the system test was 100% successful. "There is no doubt that the Border Hawk can do the job," he said, "but it is part of an overall system concept that we are pursuing." Spencer says it will be a few weeks before the Border Hawk becomes operational.
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