May 9, 2003

Humane Borders Admits Role
in Smuggling Network
Says Interior Dept. Required Water Station Maps be Distributed in Mexico

Buchanan and Press - MSNBC - May 8
Robin Hoover: "The very first stations we put out there carried with them a requirement from the Department of the Interior that we actually have a public information program in Mexico detailing the exact location with maps to would be crossers so that they would know where to cross..."
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Glenn Spencer: "We're the compassionate ones. We have a technical solution to this which is going to be implemented. And what the reverend just said is that the Border Patrol would oppose us for putting sensors and detectors in there that would allow them to find these people, but then support a network that allows this kind of human trafficking to go on which brings in four billion dollars a year. Who is right in this instance?"

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