May 13, 2003

Border Hawk Now a Vigilante*
Reuters Says ABP Takes Law Into Its Own Hands

*vig·i·lan·te (v?j'?-l?n?t?) n. 1. One who takes or advocates the taking of law enforcement into one's own hands.
U.S. Vigilantes Test Drones on Mexican Border
By Deborah Tedford
Monterrey, Mexico (Reuters - 5/13 - 7:40 PM EDT) - An Arizona vigilante group is testing homemade "drone" reconnaissance planes on the U.S.-Mexican border to monitor illegal immigrants entering the United States in lonely desert areas.
GLENN SPENCER TO REUTERS: The day you fire Deborah Tedford is the day I grant another interview to Reuters.
Red DotReader Comments
USA Daily -- May 14, 2003
Reuters Reporter Misrepresents Video Journalists As 'Vigilantes'
On the heels of a New York Times scandal involving fraudulent reporting by one of its reporters, Reuters has entered into the media credibility quagmire when in a Tuesday May 13th article entitled, "U.S. Vigilantes Test Drones On Mexican Border" Reuters misrepresented video journalists from American Border Patrol as vigilantes... AP Internal Use Only

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