June 12, 2003

ABP Demonstrates Border Intrusion Detection System for Swiss TV
Link Between UAV and Ground Sensors Shown in Test

At left, Mike King, American Border Patrol (ABP) Technical Director, explains working of Border Intrusion Detection System to Swiss Public TV reporter Fritz Reimann. At right, Border Hawk UAV snaps picture of three "volunteer border intruders."
Palominas, Arizona (ABP) June 11, 2003 -- American Border Patrol, a non-profit border watchdog group, demonstrated the complete workings of its Border Intrusion Detection System (BIDS) for Swiss Public TV on Wednesday. ABP sent three volunteers to walk along a trail used by illegal border crossers. Soon, a display on a hand-held monitor flashed, telling of the three intruders. The Border Hawk UAV was launched and soon had the "intruders" in its camera. ABP hopes to expand BIDS to cover the entire border.

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