June 16, 2003

ABP Successfully Tests GPS
Guidance System for UAV
Border Hawk Unmanned Aircraft Can Now Fly on Its Own

Note: The GPS guidance system will allow the Border Hawk to be launched when a ground sensor is triggered. Using the GPS guidance system, Border Hawk will fly to the exact GPS coordinates of the ground sensor and send back video pictures of what triggered the sensor. ABP expects the mission radius to be around ten miles.
Willcox, Arizona (ABP) June 15 -- American Border Patrol, a non-profit border watchdog group, has successfully flown its Border Hawk UAV under "autonomous" control (flying on its own). Five test flights were made with a Global Positioning System (GPS) automatic pilot taking over controls. ABP expects to be performing operational tests of the complete system by the end of June. (Note: Reuters TV will be visiting American Border Patrol today, June 16.)

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