July 20, 2003

ABC-TV (Phoenix) Features American Border Patrol
ACLU Fails to Smear ABP With Invasion of Privacy Claim

Excerpt from July 16 ABC TV (Phoenix) Show
Jim Osman
(ABC TV) : "This is central command of the American Border Patrol. Don't confuse it with the federal U.S. Border Patrol. This is a private group."
Glenn Spencer (ABP): "We just got another hit."
Osman: "Here in Sierra Vista, they wait for this tone (sensor alarm sound) before they launch this aircraft.
"That tone has told them that someone has tripped sensors along the U.S./Mexico border. American Border Patrol chief Glenn Spencer is looking for illegal border crossers."
Spencer: "The people who live here want us here. They know we are not vigilantes, they know we're not militia. We're here to shed light on the border problem."
Osman: "Shedding light on the border problem with this unmanned surveillance aircraft."

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