July 23, 2003

Border Sensor Success Story on NBC Tucson
KVOA-TV Tells How Sensors Detect Illegal Crossers

Lupita Murillo interviews Glenn Spencer of the American Border Patrol
KVOA TV - 5 pm, July 22, 2003:
"American Border Patrol is placing sensors along the Mexican border near Sierra Vista. The sensors are buried and pick up vibrations from foot steps...."
Glenn Spencer: "We're going to come up with an evaluation of how well the Border Patrol is doing, how many people are getting past them, and where is this happening. And also coming up with suggestions as to how the Border Patrol can do a better job.
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Canyon resident tells how sensors helped capture illegal aliens.
KVOA TV -- 6 pm, July 22, 2003
Lupita Murillo (KVOA TV)
: "Just last week the sensors paid off."
Clair Creighton: "He said the sensors had gone off and looked directly to my right and there were fifteen illegals crossing my property, and so I called the U.S. Border Patrol right away."

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