July 27, 2003

California Coup de Grace
California is Going to be a Mexican State
Anyone Who Doesn't Like it Should Leave

Gray Davis and Mexican President Fox
"In the near future, people will look upon California and Mexico as one magnificent region." - Gray Davis - Listen
Reconquista a Reality
Los Angeles (July 26) -- In a move that will assure the political takeover of California by Mexico, Governor Gray Davis told a cheering crowd in Los Angeles that he would sign a bill (SB 60) that would grant drivers licenses to illegal aliens [see 7/27 La Opinion article | See L.A. Times article]. The move grants virtual amnesty to millions of Mexicans, fulfilling the promise by Mexican leaders that California will be a Hispanic (read Mexican) state. In Monday's edition of AmericanPatrol.com, Glenn Spencer will warn of a mass exodus of white Americans from California.
Red DotFight or Flight - Essay by Glenn Spencer

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