August 26, 2003

Iraq War Necessary 'Cause
We Can't Control Border
Insane Comment from Arizona Senator McCain

John McCain, shown with reconquista congressman Grijalva, says that we are spending hundreds of American soldier's lives and hundreds of billions of dollars in a war in Iraq because we can't control our borders.
Meet the Press - August 24
DotMr. Russert: Senator McCain, half the country said we should withdraw U.S. troops; 55 percent say, "Don't send more American troops, and 60 percent say we should reduce spending in Iraq. What should the president
DotSen. McCain: Speak directly to the American people. The American people have great confidence in the president. He led this nation with great moral clarity after September 3rd. Speak directly to the American people. And the American people fully would understand that we cannot protect our own borders. We have to go where the terrorists are. If they win here, then obviously, we cannot win the war on terrorism. -- Also..........
Red DotMcCain favors illegals over Americans
Red DotMcCain: Put troops on border

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