August 27, 2003

LAPD Tells Americans to Leave State
Chief of Police Says If You Don't Like the Mexican Invasion, Leave California

Lawless Cop
LAPD Chief William Bratton
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KABC Radio - Ken Minyard Show - August 26
Caller Steve:
"The rest of your arguments are humorous. They're here illegally his job is to uphold the law."
Chief Bratton: "In as much as California has pretty much indicated that they don't want us involved in that issue, we're out of that business. If you don't like it leave the state."
Red DotNote: California voted to have law enforcement work with the INS [see Prop. 187]. And, the LAPD refuses to enforce laws against phony IDs [also see this feature from September 19, 2001]
Call Chief Bratton: 213-485-3202 -- Fax 213-847-0676 - Demand he resign. NOW! Bratton agrees with Mario Obledo: "California is going to be a Hispanic state and anyone who doesn't like it should leave."
Red DotL.A. City Residents: Also call your Councilman and the Mayor [E-mail]

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