September 5, 2003

Kudlow Gets It Right - O'Reilly Gets It Wrong
One Wants California Back - The Other Wants to Give it Away

An American Hero
Kudlow Wants Illegal Immigration Debated
"The welfare and social services payments is huge, six seven billion dollars a year now, it's a big chunk of their fiscal crisis.... Instead of Mexifornia how do we get back to California, and why are all the major candidates dodging this issue?"
Breslow (Newsweek):..."I haven't heard any of the candidates make the argument that social services to illegal immigrants are a driving force in the current budget deficit.." (How about McClintock?)

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No Longer Trustworthy
O'Reilly Wants to Give the Southwest to Mexico
"Once registered, these people [illegal aliens] should be given a chance to earn citizenship over a seven year period. If they are deemed productive after that period of time, they are in."
American Patrol Comment: Bill King, the man who ran the last amnesty, pointed out that any new amnesty would mean the end of the sovereignty of the United States. --
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