September 11, 2003

Surrender vs. Survival
The Choice Between Schwarzenegger and McClintock is Very Clear

'Benedict' Arnold would
surrender California to Mexico
O'Reilly Factor - 9/10/03
 I think that people that are undocumented, we have to come up with a way, like John McCain just recently talked about a visa, you know, working permit of some sort, for foreign workers. They get a special permit to work...
O'Reilly: A guest worker permit, right?
Schwarzenegger: Exactly. When you make it legitimate ...
Schwarzenegger: That's an issue [Prop. 187] that has been addressed already by a federal judge. It was ruled unconstitutional [See: Prop. 187 -- What Really Happened]. I want to stay with the law. I want to continue the way it is done right now, where people get services. 

Tom McClintock would fight back
The Terry Anderson Show
: I am fully pledged to bring all of the powers of that office for the enforcement of our immigration laws, starting with getting Proposition 187 a fair day in court.
DotMcClintock's Campaign Page

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