September 12, 2003

Border Hawk UAV Passes Major Field Test
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Sends Video 6.2 Miles Along Border

Mike King in ABP's new Mobile UAV Ground Control Station during test of Border Hawk on September 11, 2003.

Border Hawk I shadow can be seen as it flies over three people (volunteers) near border.
American Border Patrol UAVs Near Operational Status
Palominas, Arizona (American Patrol) -- September 11 -- In a major field test to commemorate the second anniversary of the Al Quaida attack on the United States, American Border Patrol, a non-profit Arizona corporation, successfully flew its Border Hawk I unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) more than 6.2 miles from the Ground Control Station under control of the on-board guidance system. According to ABP Technical Director, Mike King, the UAV performed flawlessly. "We can position this aircraft wherever we want, "King said,"and the video quality is everything we had hoped for."  

According to King, the Border Hawk was launched from a private ranch near the San Pedro river and the Mexican border. It was then put under control of an on-board GPS guidance system and directed to fly along the border east toward Naco, Arizona. The craft performed exactly as planned, holding altitude and track along the ground, all the while sending high quality live video to the Ground Control Station. "We operate these aircraft with safety in mind," said King, "and that includes taking care to stay away from homes and other structures and other aircraft." ABP uses aviation radios to communicate with other aircraft in the area, although none have been encountered to date.
Watch Ground Control Station screen during last part of test....
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