September 17, 2003

Southwest Voter Reconquistas
Behind Killing of Recall
Southwest Voter Project aims to cause U.S. Government to "Fall"

Click here to see the pdf version of the opinion of the Ninth Circuit three judge panel.
Who killed the recall?
As shown at left. The Southwest Voter Registration Education Project is the first named plaintiff in the lawsuit that stopped the recall election in California. This blatant attempt to again subvert the will of the people goes without notice in the media - including Bill O'Reilly.

Member of the U.S. Congress, Esteban Torres, speaking to SWVREP in 1996.
Southwest Voter "can bring governments to fall."
Esteban Torres at meeting of Southwest Voter in 1996: "We are a swing vote - the kind of swing vote that I've just described to you can cause governments to fall or to rise. This organization, its Southwest Research Institute - has been moving in this hemisphere Nicaragua -- in El Salvador -- in Mexico.... (Is SWVREP registered as a foreign agent?)
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