September 28, 2003

Stupid Republicans
Pete Wilson's Victory on the Back of Prop. 187 Taught Them Nothing

Lungren - Loser
1998 - Pro alien Lungren loses
After Pete Wilson won in a landslide over Kathleen Brown - strictly because of his support of Proposition 187 - Republicans nominated Dan Lungren to fill his shoes. Lungren refused to confront Davis and the Mexicans over outrageous attacks on America and its sovereignty. He admitted that he was the leading House Republican backing amnesty for illegal aliens in 1986. Despite outspending Davis, he lost.

Simon - Loser
2000 - Catholic Charities' Simon loses
After Lungren went down to defeat, the Mexicans solidified their hold on Sacramento and the Democratic Party. Learning nothing, the Republicans nominated Bill Simon to challenge Davis. Simon was second in command of Los Angeles Catholic Charities, which under Cardinal Mahoney, is one of the nation's leading advocates of amnesty for all illegal aliens. Simon lost.

Stealth ultra-liberal
2003 - Open borders weight lifter
After Davis destroyed California by opening up the treasury to pay for free services to Mexicans, the people were finally given a choice to express their true feelings. Almost two million signed petitions to recall him. Now the stupid party -- the Republicans -- are seeking to replace Davis with an open borders muscle man when a principled American, Tom McClintock, could win with their support.

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