October 13, 2003

Western Civilization In Peril
The Enemies of Columbus Launch Attack

Read The Enemies of
Christopher Columbus
Mexicans Open New Front on Columbus Day
Almost exactly one hundred years to the day after the Chicago World's Fair celebrated the triumph of Western Civilization brought on by Columbus' discovery of America four hundred years earlier, descendants of the Indians who lived in America at the time are launching a new offensive to turn back time and erase the progress made to date. In an act of self-flagellation, politicians are lining up behind bills that would grant amnesty to illegal aliens, most of them Mexicans and Central Americans, while at the same time doing nothing to control the border and enforce immigration laws.
    Now is the time for the American people to stand up and fight for their nation and Western Civilization itself. They should demand that the government close the borders to illegals before any discussion of changes in their status.
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