October 23, 2003

New Amnesty Faces Vote in Congress
Reconquistas in Full Court Press

Most illegal aliens are Mexicans. They believe the Southwest, they call it Aztlan, belongs to them.
Another Step Toward Reconquista
American Patrol has learned that some treasonous b*st*rds in congress plan to sneak through a bill legalizing 2 million illegal aliens, mostly Mexicans. The bill is S-1645, the Agricultural Job Opportunity, Benefits, and Security Act of 2003. They will try to get it into the Omnibus appropriations bill and pass it without anyone noticing. (See the email we just sent out.)
   The bill would provide temporary residency status to anyone who can prove he or she has been working in agriculture for a certain amount of time up to August 31, 2003. With the expected fraud, two million illegal aliens would be legalized.
Stop This Nonsense Now
Call or write your congressman and Senator now. Tell them to vote no on amnesty, especially S-1645. Stop the fraud. Stop the importation of poverty. Stop the invasion.
Contact the House & Senate Toll Free
(877) 762-8762 -- (800) 648-3516

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