October 29, 2003

Illegals Everywhere in Cochise Co., Arizona
"We Have Trouble Staying Out of Their Way"

Suspected Border Intruder (SBI) strolls past American Border Patrol headquarters at 6:35 am (MST) today. Backpack and disheveled look of a Hispanic man who just came out of the mountains prompted call to Border Patrol.
American Border Patrol Can't Avoid Illegals
Tuesday morning while running a test of the Border Hawk UAV. Hawkeye volunteers spotted 5 SBIs just north of the border. A couple of hours later a team with Border Technology, Inc. spotted seven loading into a van. The next morning, Glenn Spencer observed an SBI walking past ABP Headquarters. In each case the Border Patrol was notified, and in each case the people doing the reporting were not looking for SBIs. "We have trouble staying out of their way," said Glenn Spencer of ABP. ABP knows only that the seven observed by BTI people were apprehended.

Tancredo Event to be Live on the Internet
American Patrol has announced that it has arranged to use the Border Hawk Ground Control Station to broadcast live video from the Tancredo rally this coming Saturday, November 1. Be there a get a chance to show your incredible countenance to the world through the Border Hawk camera! Click for details.

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