December 3, 2003

Back to the Border
American Border Patrol Returning to "Work" After Army Project

Headline story in Sierra Vista Herald, December 2.
Army took look at American Border Patrol's UAV setup
By Bill Hess - Herald/Review
SIERRA VISTA, AZ -- Army officers and civilian technicians have come to Arizona to scope out the American Border Patrol's Border Hawk and control vehicle.

Army personnel observe takeoff of "Sidekick" UAV near Mexican border, November 14.
Back to the Border
After more than two months of work to develop the "Sidekick" UAV for Army evaluation, American Border Patrol will soon deploy an improved Border Hawk UAV for patrols along the Mexican border. The new version will feature a radio controlled pan and tilt camera system.

Countdown: 9 Days to Nativo Lopez's Phony 'Huelga'
Nativo Lopez, currently the big cheese at MAPA, but best known for his alleged involvement in vote fraud during the Dornan-Sanchez Congressional race, has called for invaders to strike on December 12 to protest the repeal of SB60, the law that would have allowed uninspected invaders to get valid California driver's licenses. We predict that this huelga (strike in Spanish) will be a monumental flop.

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