December 11, 2003

Bush Encourages Mexican Invasion
White House Statement Makes It Clear

Makes Clinton look good.
'Migration should be safe, orderly and humane' -- White House Spokesman Clair Buchan AP Internal Use Only
Since legal immigration is already safe, orderly and humane, Bush must be talking about illegal immigration. Therefore, the President of the United States is saying that the invasion of the United States by Mexico should be permitted and made safe and orderly. There is simply no other way to interpret his remarks. --- Glenn Spencer

Nativo Lopez's Phony 'Huelga' Coming Tomorrow
Nativo Lopez, currently the big cheese at MAPA, but best known for his alleged involvement in vote fraud during the Dornan-Sanchez Congressional race, has called for invaders to strike on Friday, December 12 to protest the repeal of SB60, the law that would have allowed uninspected invaders to get valid California driver's licenses. We predict that this huelga (strike in Spanish) will be a monumental flop.

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