December 28, 2003

Support for "Don't Shop Day" Grows
Feedback is 100% positive

Things you can do to help make it happen:
Red DotSend an email to friends with this link:
Red DotCall talk radio shows and tell them about the plan and the above link.
The People Support the Idea
"The no shop day on 1/12/04 could stop Bush dead in his amnesty tracks if it catches on and I very much  think it will.  My friends and family are spreading the word fast." -- L.B. Riverside, CA
Dot"Good idea. I could stretch it out further too.!" --J & W M
Dot"Don't know who dreamed this one up but it is the first practical (hence useful) idea for mass expression I have seen. I've sent this out across my email address book list." -- Ken A.
Dot"...making Jan. 12th a "spend no money" day is an EXCELLENT idea.  I'll be participating but it will take a lot of discipline from a lot of people to make an impact." -- Regards, Susan S. -- Waco, TX.
Dot"I will not buy as much as a chiclet on Jan. l2 and I'll let Jorge Bush [know] about it." -- Armida B -- Glendale, CA
    We must do this. Spread the word.
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