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Originally published in the September 7, 2003 issue of the Alamance Independent


Posted 9/12/03

chau*vin*ism: 1. Militant devotion to and glorification of one's country. (Webster's II New Riverside University Dictionary)

Are you puzzled by "Latino" politicians (like, most notoriously, Bustamante and Becerra) refusing to denounce MEChA's chauvinistic and separatist, if not outright racist, rhetoric? So am I. Taking into account how damaging the charges of supporting the secession of the Southwestern United States in order to establish an "Aztlan Nation" on American soil are for their political careers, one may doubt what makes it so difficult for them to say: "No, we are not in favor of giving out the Southwest to Mexicans", even if cornered by the media (see [1], [2]). After all, it seems to come with the turf of being a politician to tell the prospective voters what they want to hear, so what's a big deal with declaring oneself on the American side of the MEChA/Aztlan (see [3]) controversy?

Some of them, despite of having been born in this country, may indeed be Mexicans or Mechistas in heart, committed to the "Plan de Aztlan" (see [4]), but this fact alone doesn't explain their apparent stubbornness in their refusal to publicly distance themselves from infamous MEChA's ideology. There is something else that prevents them from doing that. They don't want to lose the votes of their core constituency. Which brings up the question who do they think elected them, and whose cause are they going to support.

One doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to guess the answer to the above question. These "Latino" politicians are elected (or at least they think so) by those who would welcome conquest of California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and the western parts of Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico by Mexican settlers and their offspring, many, if not most of them, being in this country illegally. And the fact that many of these voters are not U.S. citizens and, therefore, are not eligible to vote, doesn't seem to be of any concern for these "Latino" politicians. But it should be a matter of great concern for us, Americans, because it is a clear indication that foreign nationals, in this case, Mexicans, have managed to infiltrate American electorate to an extent of influencing the actual outcomes of state, and perhaps federal, elections.

Obviously, these "Latino" politicians don't see anything wrong with letting Mexican immigrants and illegals vote because they count on their fraudulent but counted votes in coming elections. As a matter of fact, they use whatever power they have to make it easier for these Mexican immigrants and illegals to vote without fear of being caught and prosecuted. You might have noticed a staunchly opposition of "pro-immigration" lobby in Arizona against conducting any meaningful verification of voters' eligibility to vote, under the pretense that it would discourage "Latinos" and other "minorities" from participation in election.

In California, any citizenship test of prospective voters has been deemed illegal (only the validity of the voter's address is being randomly verified). Practically, a California driver's license is all that is required to register to vote in "Golden State". Under these circumstances, it must surprise no one why "Latino" politicians and their allies passed the SB60 "Illegal aliens driver's license bill", knowingly and willfully ignoring all valid concerns regarding it's detrimental effects on this nation's security, sovereignty, and rule of the law (see [5]). The bill will spell out thousands if not millions illegal aliens' votes, supposedly cast for these "Latino" politicians. And so the vicious circle closes.

So, if you don't want to see America falling prey to Mexican nationalists, if you want to preserve this best country on Earth in its entirety for YOUR children and grandchildren then don't take any chances and don't vote on anybody who may belong to the Mexican chauvinistic klan. If it's OK for "Latino" organizations to call on "Latino" voters to vote only on "Latino" candidates, it's certainly OK for me to call on you to not vote on anyone who has a Hispanic name, appears Mexican, or is associated with a political party or organization that panders to unassimilating masses of illegal aliens from Mexico.

Don't give them any benefit of doubt. Beware of Bustamantes, Cedillos, Becerras, Sanchezes, Grijalvas, Richardsons, and Napolitanos. Because if enough of them get elected then they will almost certainly pass laws similar to California SB60 "Illegal aliens drivers license bill" that pave way for even more illegal voters who will cast even more votes for these pander-politicians. By doing this, they will, little by little, give half of this country away to Mexican descendants of Aztecs, who in violation of our laws pour into America through its porous Southern border. And they will even make you pay for it by rising taxes that are used to facilitate the conquest.


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