Who is Jack Kemp?

Evelyn Miller -- December 26, 2005

JACK KEMP has always liked illegal aliens and advocated violation of federal law.

JACK KEMP, as HUD Secretary, made sure illegal aliens got "free" HUD housing with your tax dollars!

1990: The City of Costa Mesa proposed excluding illegal aliens from receiving tax-funded Section 8 housing. KEMP, then HUD Secretary, personally nullified the findings of his own HUD attorneys who told him Costa Mesa could LEGALLY exclude illegal aliens from Section 8 HUD housing. Then, after meeting with MALDEF, HERMANDAD MEXICANA NACIONAL and other pro-illegal alien groups, KEMP threatened to terminate ALL FEDERAL AID to Costa Mesa if they went through with their proposal. KEMP engaged in political intimidation at its worst. HUD and other programs in many states are still "rewarding" illegal aliens with our tax dollars for their free housing.

1994: JACK KEMP made at least two trips to California LOBBYING to defeat Proposition 187 which denied tax-funded benefits to ILLEGAL ALIENS.

1999: JACK KEMP said he's concerned about the "impact of the present social security system on black and low wage workers" when the reality is that illegal aliens take the jobs and homes from low wage workers and drive them from their communities.

1999: JACK KEMP was a featured speaker at a housing conference at U.C. Irvine after The Orange County Register published an article (3/14/99) titled "Rent Hikes Jeopardize Subsidies". It outlined how HUD Section 8 housing is less available to poor people, and Los Angeles County was first and Orange County third in U.S. population growth. The article went on to inform that "the birth rate and foreign immigration account for nearly all that growth".

IF KEMP THOUGHT THERE WAS A PROBLEM THEN, IMAGINE THE PROBLEM WHEN ALL OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (with continued immigration both legal and illegal, high birth rate, and family reunification) needs section 8 housing!

Questions for Mr. Kemp:

1) Why are illegal aliens still in affordable housing?

2) Why are illegal aliens in subsidized or ANY HOUSING AT ALL? The Immigration And Nationality Act Sec. 8 U.S.Code 1324 makes it a federal crime to harbor illegal aliens.

3) Why are we told it's against the law to ask immigration status? What law? Name it!

4) Mr. Kemp, what's the basis of your love affair with illegal aliens?

Now KEMP wrote in Human Events (http://www.humaneventsonline.com/article.php?id=11112) December 26 that the Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005 (H.R. 4437) is "overreaching". He compared it with that "draconian" Proposition 187. KEMP urged his fellow Republicans to "stand against such ill-advised anti-immigrant policies and not support an anti-immigration movement that is politically unwise and fundamentally at odds with the best tradition and spirit of our nation and our party." KEMP whined "we are a nation of immigrants", that H.R. 4437 will "drive undocumented immigrants further into the shadows", and pleads for a guest worker program so that all "undocumented workers" in the U.S. who are of good character will be able to become permanent residents and bring in their families.

I've heard more than one politician say JACK KEMP played football too long without a helmet.