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by H. Millard (c) 2000
VCT Web Posted 1/3/00

COSTA MESA, CA.---January 3, 2000---The DAILY PILOT newspaper, which is published in and for Costa Mesa, and Newport Beach is turning into a daily catalogue of the dysfunction and downward spiral of Costa Mesa.

In Monday's DAILY PILOT (Front page) we read about a proposed school bond which voters will be asked to pass to educate the children of Mexico who have turned Costa Mesa's schools into some of the worst in the state and nation. The PR spin is about repairing the "facilities," but the truth is that money is fungible, and if millions of dollars weren't spent on illegal aliens, then there would be more money to repair the facilities, and a bond sticking it to homeowner's might not even be talked about. In fact, absent many illegal aliens, in the schools, there may not have been so much damage from graffiti and the like to the facilities.

We then read (Page 3) about a rise in the number of needy people in Costa Mesa while at the same time, the number of needy in Orange County as a whole is dropping. One cofounder of one of the now numerous charities in Costa Mesa said, according to the newspaper, that "The troubling thing, was there there were more people lining up for help than there had been in earlier years." No kidding. And, there'll be even more next year as the numbers of "needy" in Costa Mesa keep increasing to accept the freebies being given them. Accompanying the piece on the "needy" was a photo of a Latino woman and her children who had just received free toys.

Whatever happened to the principle that if you can't afford to live in a community you should go to where you can afford to live?

I'd like to live on tony Lido Isle. Do you suppose I can get the same deal down there that the illegal aliens (the "needy") are getting in Costa Mesa? Will I be able to be subsidized to live on the water? Will my rent be paid for me? Will I get free meals, medical care, clothing and toys? Will the Police Chief come down on Thanksgiving and give me a free Turkey and then say that he's not doing it for the publicity as he smiles for the newspaper?

The truth is that most of the "needy" in Costa Mesa are not long time residents who have fallen on hard times, but are mostly illegal aliens who have been drawn to this community by all the freebies they get. This short term and false compassion being given to these "needy," often by residents of cities other than Costa Mesa who come to Costa Mesa to demonstrate how compassionate they are instead of taking the "needy" back to their own communities, is ruining Costa Mesa for the home owning citizens of the city. Costa Mesa is being turned into the illegal alien Skid Row of Orange County.

If charity starts at home, then these "kind compassionate souls" should take the needy back to their homes instead of warehousing them in Costa Mesa.

The PILOT also reports that at Costa Mesa's regular city council meeting this evening, representatives of "Latinos"--who, with the aid of the city government--have purpotedly been meeting with "Latinos" in various living room dialogues apart from the regular meetings on the Westside which were not well attended by Latinos-- will tell the city what they think the city should do to stop the blight on the Westside of the city where many illegal aliens have taken up residence in garage apartments and in overcrowded slums.

Many citizens of Costa Mesa believe that the reason so many Latinos did not want to attend regular meetings concerning the Westside was because they are illegal aliens and that to get around legal problems, certain people in the local establishment set these living room dialogues to give illegal aliens a voice without fear of being arrested and deported.

A bit of geography may be in order to understand how nutty and infuriating it is that Costa Mesa is becoming blighted. Look at a map of Orange County and you'll see that Costa Mesa in between that diamond of a city Huntington Beach to the north and that diamond of a city Newport Beach to the south. Much of Costa Mesa is even closer to the ocean than is much of the land of those two upscale cities. So how come Costa Mesa sits like a dull piece of coal between those two diamonds even though Costa Mesa has mammoth tax revenues from its world famous shopping centers (Costa Mesa gets $ 8 million a year in tax revenues from South Coast Plaza alone)? How is it that Costa Mesa has so many "needy" when the local economy is booming while its two sister cities don't have as many needy?

The answer lies with the local establishment that is keeping home and land values in Costa Mesa artificially depressed by throwing out the welcome mat to illegal aliens and other sources of social dysfunction. As already mentioned, many of the "needy" are actually being subsidized to live in Costa Mesa by getting help with their rents, with their food, medical care and even toys. Take away those freebies and pull in the welcome mat and the city would improve.

If the local establishment would start acting on behalf of citizens of this nation and municipality and let market conditions dictate who can live in the city, then the city would join Huntington Beach and Newport Beach as a diamond on the Orange County coast, as the demographics of Costa Mesa rose overnight.

Instead, the establishment is feeding a cancer and the cancer is killing the community as a desirable place to live and raise a family.