Census Bureau May Redefine Poverty - Xlinton Xreates eXtra Xorruption

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Source: Conservative News Service
Published: 10.18.99
Posted on 10/18/1999 06:22:01 PDT by Vitolins
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Census Bureau May Redefine Poverty

(CNSNews.com) - The US Census Bureau is tinkering with the definition of poverty - a move that could drop millions of additional families below the statistical poverty line. The New York Times reports the Census Bureau may change the "poverty line" for a family of four to $19,500, up from the current $16,600 threshold. The newspaper says the change would put 46 million Americans - 17 percent of the population - below the poverty line, compared with the 12.7 percent defined as "poor" last month. (That 12.7 percent was the lowest level of the decade.) A higher poverty line, by increasing the number of people defined as poor, would also increase government spending on benefits such as food stamps and other help-the-poor programs.

Any change in the Census Bureau's poverty threshold would have to be approved by the White House, and the New York Times says the decision probably would be made by the administration that succeeds President Clinton's.