Geyer Exposes Robert Bach, Ford Foundation Lackey

(VCT - July 15, 1999)

The Ford Foundation funded a seven-year-long study of immigration headed Dr. Robert Bach. a sociology professor at the State University of New York.

COMPLETED IN 1993, The study found many difficulties with immigration, including a reduction in living standards, class polarization, and a widening income gap, but its conclusions were strange...rather than changing immigration policy, the Ford Foundation decided that problems should be solved by changing America. "The problem in America may not be diversity but homogeneity," Bach wrote.

In Americans No More, The Death of Citizenship, recommended by former Secretary of State James Baker, Journalist Georgie Ann Geyer exposes Bach as a rabid multiculturalist.

"There you had the 'new mentality' shorn of any shame," she wrote of Bach's conclusions, "in total and quite amazing candor! What now-INS ideologue Bach was saying is that America as we have known it--and Americans as we have known ourselves--must be changed. Not really to facilitate immigrants' progress but to facilitate the vision of America dreamed up by the activists and the Ford Foundations of the world." (p. 228)

Since joining the INS, Bach was involved in "Citizenship USA," the phoney 1996 naturalization program which produced 1 million voters for Bill Clinton , including many known criminals, the IDENT system which permitted mass killer Resendez to escape capture, and the decision lessen the emphasis on identifying and deporting illegal aliens.

The Ford Foundation has been the major source of funding for Hispanic organizations in the United States. It was responsible for creating the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) and the National Council of La Raza (NCLR).

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