Obama's Secretary of the Interior: It's time for a "Hispanic" national park  

December 31, 2011 -- [Note: See this December 24, 2011 item in the Pueblo Chieftain]

Did you know that your tax dollars have been spent to produce a 56-page survey of a 5,100 Square Mile area of Texas and New Mexico.

And the purpose of the Interior Department survey?

The survey was ordered to help Team Obama lobby Congress to spend much, much more of your tax dollars for the nation's first-ever "Hispanic" National Park to be built and run by the National Park Service.

It is not clear if English would be used in the proposed "Hispanic" National Park, as the use of this language would certainly not fit in with the stated goal of respecting the "Hispanic" culture and history. 

If Obama's blatant Hispandering were not bad enough, this plan also trashes private property rights.

Ranchers who own private property within Obama's targeted area and use this land to make a living, would loose parts of their property to create the new National Park.

What's next from Team Obama as they divide us by race?

 Can we expect a "Norwegian" National Park in Minnesota?

How about a little "Armenian" National Park in Southern California? Ken Salazar

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