What really happened?
Rally at Anaheim City Hall protesting police acceptance of Mexican ID's - 12/8/01

LA Times photo
L.A. Times rally photo published December 9, 2001

American Patrol photo
American Patrol photo shows what really was going on. Latino counter protester on right attacks a man demonstrating against acceptance of Mexican ID's by Anaheim Police. Close-up of attacker shown below. Several skirmishes broke out during the course of the rally while Anaheim police sat idly by on the sideline and did not intervene.

Vicious Latino attacker - Anaheim City Hall - 12/8/01
Vicious Latino agitator above instigated several violent incidents during the rally and was pointed out to police. The thug is holding a stick he was observed beating elderly demonstrators with moments before this shot was taken. After attacking an elderly Korean war veteran and others, this coward left the scene and hid out for some time as police converged on city hall. He returned later and resumed agitating and marching with communists when it became obvious that there would be no effort made by police to arrest these gangsters. Witnesses pointed the above attacker and several other hostile and violent Latinos out to Anaheim police, but they refused to take any action. The California Coalition for Immigration Reform, along with Judicial Watch, later sued the city of Anaheim.

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The Mexican ID Attack

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