Anaheim City Hall - December 8, 2001
In Defense of America Rally

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The Mexican ID Attack

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Strangers at the Gates
Attitudes About Immigration Change in Wake of Sept. 11 Attacks
February 1, 2002 -- In calling for tighter border controls, the Bush administration says the federal government needs the support and cooperation of local police. NPR's Eric Westervelt reports, when it comes to immigration, many local law enforcers have mixed views on whether they should play a bigger role. This episode includes a report from Anaheim, Calif., and covers the Mexican ID sham. [Listen - RealAudio player required]

CCIR lawsuit given green light to proceed - 7/30/02

CCIR sues Anaheim - 5/9/02

CCIR statement on vandalism attack (includes photos) - 12/24/01

Vandals attack CCIR Chairwoman's home - 12/24/01

Caller brings up Mexican ID Attack on C-SPAN - 12/21/01

American Patrol Feature: Mexican ID issue exposes hypocrisy - 12/16/01

Steven Greenhut - O.C. Register: Immigration at issue - 12/17/01 | Related LTE

Glenn Spencer to the Orange Co. Register - 12/12/01

O.C. Register Editorial: Immigrant debate had no fighting chance - 12/11/01 Correct link expired. Sorry.

What really happened? (Photos, etc.)

Anaheim Police Department - Only as good as their leader (CCIR - 12/9/01

See story in Orange Co. Register - 12/9/01

See story in L.A. Times - 12/9/01

Glenn Spencer's Comments - 12/9/01

See July 4, 2000 attack on Americans at the Westwood Federal Bldg.

See July 4, 1996 attack on Americans at the Westwood Federal Bldg.

Listen to radio report on Saturday's Rally in Anaheim

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