Save America Rally - 2/15/01


WESTWOOD (VCT - 2/15/01 - 5:20 PM) - Sixty Americans joined together in a proud demonstration of patriotism at a rally to urge President Bush to STAND UP FOR AMERICA as he travels to Mexico tomorrow.

American Patrol wishes to thank to all those brave Americans who stood up for their country despite insults from Communists and Mexican nationalists. This is especially true of our speakers Ezola Foster, Terry Anderson and Barbara Coe. The rally was held without incident and, as usual, the Federal Protective Service did a great job.

Now we wait and see what our president does for us ­ or to us.

Report and Deport

Report and Deport

Friendly Mexican
Friendly Communist

Confused Opponent
Confused Latino

Americans Rally
Americans Rally

Geographically Confused Latino
Confused Latino Communist

Goosed by Mexico
Goosed by Mexico?
Let's see what George does.

Commies Want No Border
Communists demand open border

Words of the Guestworker Lobby

...But a funny thing happened on the way to Mr. Spencer's rally -- the number of illegal immigrants detained while crossing the U.S.-Mexico border dropped dramatically. From October through January, detentions along the the border were down 22% over the same period a year ago. Blame opportunity. The Mexican economy is stronger than it's been in seven years. Since taking office last December, Mexican President Vicente Fox has promised to tear down the monument to economic corruption and inefficiency left behind by 71 years of (PRI) rule; many would-be border crossers are already choosing to stay home and seek out new opportunities.

Words of Wisdom

"Active citizens are often subjected to truly vile attacks; they are branded as mean-spirited, racist, Uncle Tom, homophobic, sexist, etc.,....we censor ourselves. This is not civility, it is COWARDICE, a well-intentioned self-deception at best." -- Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, February 13, 2001

Mexican immigration looms as a unique and disturbing challenge to our cultural integrity, our national identity, and potentially to our future as a country. -- Samuel Huntington, Weatherhead professor of government at Harvard

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