April 19, 1997

Santa Ana, California

NOTE: Glenn Spencer of Voice of Citizens Together was invited to speak before the Congressional Task Force investigating the Dornan/Sanchez voter fraud issue in Orange County, California.

Spencer was invited because he was the leader of one of the groups gathered outside the hearing room.

Spencer had not expected to speak and had not prepared a statement in advance. These remarks were based on an outline prepared in a few minutes prior to being called to the witness table

Verbatim Transcript

Mr. Chairman, members of the Committee I am president of Voice of Citizens Together which is also a multi-ethnic organization. I look with fondness and pride back on my six years working with American Indians in the northern plains and working with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. I have a strong record on that basis.

I'd like to talk today about the crime of voter fraud.

It seems to me that if there is a crime oftentimes you look for two things, motive and opportunity. As we have seen today, in California there are manifold opportunities for this crime, if it does happen. I would like to talk about motive for just a moment.


I would like to go back to the Atlantic Monthly magazine of November, 1996 where Stanford professor, David Kennedy, said the following, quote, "The United States has had no experience with what is taking place in the American Southwest. In the next generation or so we will see a kind of Chicano Quebec taking place." Professor Kennedy characterized it by saying it was a Reconquista, a taking back of the American Southwest that was taken from Mexico as the result of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

In 1986, Congress passed and the President signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act which granted amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, many of them from Mexico. That was an attempt to stop illegal immigration. As we see from recent census data, it didn't work.

In 1994 five million Californians passed Proposition 187, but it was blocked by U.S. District Judge Mariana Pfaelzer who said that it was an illegal state scheme to control immigration. A scheme. We believe it was legal. We believe it was not a scheme, but I agree, it was an attempt to stop the invasion of California.

This month United States Attorney General Janet Reno, testifying before Congress, said that the surge in application for citizenship was mainly due to Proposition 187. As a result, she was saying, then, if we believe Judge Pfaelzer, that the surge in citizenship was caused by an attempt to control immigration.


Following the passage of Proposition 187 we saw an enormous backlash.

In January of 1995, meeting at the University of California at Riverside, Latino leaders, some 400 strong, met to determine how they were going to deal with this issue. At that meeting, and we have it on video tape, Art Torres, who is now the chairman of the California Democratic Party, said as follows, quote," Proposition 187 was the last gasp of white America in California."

The meeting went on to determine that Latinos had to get the power of the vote to stop Proposition 187 from every happening again.

Since that time we have seen a flurry of activity, not only with the Southwest Voter Registration and Education Project, Hermandad Mexicana Nacional, and others.

But let's look at Hermandad. I'm going to tell you that we have looked at Hermandad. Yes it was founded by a Marxist/Leninist as described in the Los Angeles Times. Yes their documentation shows that their initial concept was to represent undocumented immigrants, or illegal aliens. Their logo is the Mexican flag.

In my judgment, we are looking at Mexican nationalism.


At the same time this surge was on-going with these groups, we saw Citizenship USA born within this administration. Led by Vice President Gore, Citizenship USA is coming under mounting criticism for cheapening the citizenship process and for fraud by the INS itself.


Then at the same time these things were going on, the Mexican government stepped in and offered dual nationality as an inducement for Mexican nationals who were not naturalizing at the normal rate, to become U.S. citizens. According to Jorge Bustamante writing in Mexico's Excelsior newspaper, this was to create lobbyists for Mexico in the United States. And this effort was initiated by the Consul General of Mexico in Los Angeles.

Recently in response to our new legislation on immigration, the President of Mexico said, quote "We will not tolerate foreign forces dictating and enacting laws on Mexicans. " This is our law.

It was also quoted in the Los Angeles Times that their debate over that law was likened to a declaration of war.

I want to say in summary, we see motive in Reconquista, we see motive in wanting to remain President of the United States, and we see motive on the part of the Mexican government to increase its influence in the American Southwest.

Thank you.

End of testimony.