Davis/Proposition 187 Articles
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Davis' deal with Zedillo to get rid of proposition 187
(May 19, 1999)

Letter from Glenn Spencer: How the Republicans Lost California
(September 1, 2000 -- Wall Street Journal)

FAIR: Gov. Davis spurns five million voters, kills proposition 187
(September , 1999)

From U.S. Immigration Lawyers: Several items about 187, Zedillo's visit to California
(May 10, 1999)

Zedillo key to end of proposition 187
(August 4, 1999)

CNN: Proposition 187-related items
(July 29, 1999)

UCLA Daily Bruin -- 10/25/99 - Group Advocates Recall of Gray Davis
(October 25, 1999)

Davis, Zedillo hail visit as new start for 'era of goodwill'
(May 21, 1999)

World Net Daily: Is Mexico reconquering the U.S. southwest?
(January 4, 2002)

San Francisco Chronicle article on Zedillo's visit to California
(March 18, 2001)

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..."As leader of the state Assembly, I say President Zedillo had great impact in defeating Proposition 187," Villaraigosa told a news conference after he and a state delegation met with the Mexican chief executive. (L.A. Times, Aug. 4, 1999)

Citizens for Justice -- June 24, 2000
California Governor Gray Davis Kills Proposition 187
Proposition 187, the ballot issue approved by nearly 60% of California's population has been successfully annihilated by Governor Gray Davis as of July 27, 1999. The 1994 landmark ballot initiative was designed to deny illegal immigrants from receiving a slew of free social services. -- And -- You know when Davis really capitulated? When Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo visited Los Angeles in May and Gray Davis didn't have the guts to tell him face to face to do something about the problems in Mexico so his people would stay there. AP Internal Use Only

Long Beach Press Telegram -- October 21, 1999
Recall of Davis vowed
...Davis, an outspoken opponent of the initiative, incensed the measure's backers when he refused to appeal court rulings that found the proposition unconstitutional. Instead, Davis accepted a settlement mediated by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals - a settlement that effectively scuttled the parts of 187 not made redundant by federal law. -- The Davis recall effort was further inflamed by the governor's close relationship with Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo, said Glenn Spencer, president of Voice of Citizens Together, an anti-immigration group based in the San Fernando Valley.

San Francisco Chronicle Editorial -- July 30, 1999
A Messy Way to Settle Proposition 187 Dispute
Governor Davis' mediated settlement on Proposition 187 is hardly going to mollify supporters of the 1994 anti-illegal immigration initiative. Nor will it completely mend the rift and hard feelings with Democrats and Latinos who wanted him to drop the appeal months ago. AP Internal Use Only

La Opinion-- May 18, 1999
Zedillo in California
...But the past still sows discord. Proposition 187, which remains in legislative limbo, could still be revived. That would cause immeasurable harm. Undoubtedly, Gov. Davis and President Zedillo will have the opportunity to address this touchy matter. -- One important aspect of Zedillo's visit is that the president will be able to see how his co-citizens live in this country. It is a colony that has its fair share of problems and challenges ­ and they are not small. AP Internal Use Only

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