Mass-immigration cheerleader arguments

Diversity is good for America

Short answer

One shouldn't decide public policy on racist or ethnicist grounds.

Long answer

Whatever the benefits of ethnic or racial diversity, we are already the most diverse country in the world. It is not clear we need more of it.

Though we often hear the mantra "Diversity is our strength," polls show that Americans of all ethnic backgrounds are less than convinced.

Almost everyone agrees that balkanization--the breaking up of our country into combative, ethnically defined political groups contending against one another as hostile units--would be a bad thing.

Yet, even a cursory glance around can not fail to impress upon the observer that, as our country becomes more diverse, it is also becoming more politically balkanized. "Identity politics" is increasing--not decreasing.

Why in God's name would we continue to pursue a policy that can only intensify this tendency to balkanization?

If we are going to maintain a public policy with the effect of making ourselves even more "diverse," let's put it to a vote.

Courtesy of ProjectUSA

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