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    This group is suspected of being closely tied to left-wing radical Morris Dees and his Southern Poverty Law Center, 'Mexican government agent' - vehement reconquista Isabel Garcia and her Aztlan gang, 'Derechos Humanos', and other anti-American groups.
    According to this Indymedia website, The Border Action Network formed in 1999 under the name South West Alliance to Resist Militarization to fight the human and environmental injustices caused by the militarization of the U.S.-Mexico border. In recognition of the broad and complex impacts of militarization, we are an alliance of border rights, environmental, social justice, human rights, and labor activists. Border Action Network is dedicated to exposing and ending the militarization of our borders and cities. We also understand that this group is big in anti-war and anti-WTO protests, etc., which may have involved violence or terrorism in the past.

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Associated Press -- May 6, 2011   
Rally backs health care for illegals   
Phoenix -- More than 300 doctors and other health professionals from across the country gathered Thursday at the Arizona Capitol to protest the state's anti-illegal immigration law, saying it prevents a vulnerable community from receiving necessary medical care. -- Jaime Farrant, a policy director with the Border Action Network, said Arizona was fortunate that lawmakers this year failed to pass a proposal...

Yuma Sun -- March 14, 2011    
The open-borders crowd is at it again   
One Yuma County group plans to counter proposed new anti-illegal immigration laws with public awareness and not public demonstrations. -- Among its efforts, the Community Leadership Alliance plans to organize forums to educate the public about the measures before state lawmakers...

All Voices -- February 6, 2011    
Border Action Network takes shameless "baby waving" tactic to new level   
...A "One-Thousand Baby Chain" will witness the proceedings when Arizona State Senate President Russell Pearce's anti-14th Amendment legislation goes before the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow. The pro-[illegal immigration] advocacy group Border Action Network is rallying real children and babies...

KSWT-TV -- Yuma -- October 29, 2010     
Arizona GOP: Voter fraud is present in Yuma   
In a release to KSWT News 13 on Friday, The Arizona Republican Party stated ballots in Yuma County are being mailed illegally, ballots are being forged and legals are registered to vote. -- And -- KSWT News 13 also talked to the Border Action Network, a [pro-open borders] group accused in the alleged fraud scandal...

KGUN-TV -- Tucson -- October 29, 2010     
Usual suspects whine about Tucson Police    
..."It was done in a way that frightens the children, that frightens teachers, that frightens parents, and it was done in a way that drives a wedge between law enforcement and the community," said Jamie Farrant, policy director for the Border Action Network... [They also claim deputies were using traffic stops to ask about legal status.]

Jim Kelley -- Tucson Citizen -- August 9, 2010     
Obama and Zakat. Should we be forced to support Muslim charities?   
...Other organizations that wrap themselves in the cloak of charity are Border Action Network, Derechos Humanos, and La Raza. They too beg from our local governments and often receive grants from them. State Representative Dan Patterson likes the idea so much he wants to put a tax on rental cars and hotel rooms specifically to fund "educational" foundations...

Yuma Sun -- August 7, 2010    
Meddling Mexicans, open-borders crowd continue whining over SB1070   
...While calling the partial suspension of SB 1070 a positive development, Mexico's Consul in Yuma Miguel Escobar said critics of the law should not claim victory because, "We can't lose sight of the fact it is a temporary suspension," one that could be lifted depending on the outcome over the looming court battle...

KGUN-TV -- Tucson -- July 21, 2010     
Usual suspects plan strike over Arizona law targeting invaders   
...The groups No More Deaths, Border Action Network and Derechos Humanos have joined forces to call for the strike and non-compliance campaign. They've scheduled a vigil and protests against SB 1070 staring July 28th and through the 29th. Organizers say the protests will go on as scheduled even if the a judge grants an injunction blocking enforcement of the law....

Public News Service -- July 21, 2010    
Open-borders zealots plan major tantrum as SB1070 takes effect 
Tucson -- Human and immigrant rights groups have announced what they're calling a "statewide mobilization" against SB 1070 on July 29, the day Arizona's contentious new immigration law is slated to take effect. Rallies, vigils and civil disobedience are planned. Jennifer Allen, director of the Border Action Network, says there will be a political component, as well...

AOL News -- June 27, 2010     
Usual suspects up in arms over Governor Brewer's remarks on illegals   
...Larry Birns, Director of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs in Washington, D.C., called Brewer's comments "an exaggeration, but not by much," as Mexican drug cartels become more and more influential in illegal immigration. -- The people-smuggling industry "has gone from a sort of do-it-yourself, small guy operation, to big business," Birns said... See Meddling Mexicans]

New America Media  -- April 16, 2010    
Shuttle van racket bust, Tea Parties panic illegals   
...Salvador Reza, an organizer with Phoenix-based [pro-invasion] group Puente, said the use of media and display of force surrounding the federal operations were similar to that used in Arpaio's crime suppression patrols. The raids were announced to select media outlets 48 hours before they were launched. -- "This is a political and a criminal raid," said Reza... [The usual BAN agitator Jennifer Allen is also quoted]

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix -- April 15, 2010     
Open-borders crowd tosses tantrum over passage of Arizona's SB-1070   
Dozens of people rallying Wednesday at the State Capitol urged Gov. Jan Brewer to veto a bill that would require local law enforcement to assist in enforcing federal immigration law. -- The demonstration followed Tuesday's House passage of SB 1070, sponsored by Sen. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa...

KNXV-TV -- Phoenix -- April 13, 2010    
Open borders zealots up in arms over passage of Arizona's SB1070   
..."We are very disappointed that legislators don't seem to recognize the massive impact this bill will have on Arizona businesses, tourism, families and our economy," said Jennifer Allen, Border Action's Executive Director. "The consequences would be detrimental to the well-being of our state."

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson -- March 25, 2010     
Border watch group draws to close    
The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is no longer. -- The Arizona-based border watch group that burst onto the national scene in 2005 sent an e-mail to its members this week announcing the corporation has dissolved. -- The group's president, Carmen Mercer of Tombstone, said she and the board's two other directors voted to end the group's five-year run... [Border Action Network, a troublesome group that protects and defends invaders, is mentioned]

Arizona Capitol Times -- Phoenix -- February 25, 2010    
'Sanctuary cities' bill ready for debate on House floor, usual suspects in a tizzy   
...Mary Alvarado, a representative of the League of United Latin American Citizens, told the House Military Affairs and Public Safety Committee that the bill reminds her of Jewish persecution during the World War II era. -- "It's Nazi-istic in nature," she said... [BAN's Jennifer Allen also makes absurd remarks]

American Patrol Report Feature -- February 20, 2010   
A Bold Surrender -- Border Patrol Joins With Mexico to Stop Mexicans?    
...The "attack on migrants" is part of a new plan launched by DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano to join with Mexicans to enforce the border. According to Times, Mexican law enforcement personnel will be assigned to work inside U.S Border Patrol stations... [See Obama Watch & Amnesty Watch]

La Prensa -- San Antonio -- December 11, 2009    
Reconquista radicals toss another tantrum, demand amnesty   
..."Today is International Human Rights Day and so we're marching to defend our rights," Jennifer Allen, Arizona director of the Border Action Network, told Efe. -- "We also want our senators and politicians to fight for our rights and be leaders promoting - and pressuring for - approval of immigration reform... [read: amnesty]"   [See Amnesty Watch]

Immigration Clearinghouse -- October 5, 2009     
Open-borders fanatics 'score big win' with OAS over US patriots   
...The Border Action Network, an Arizona-based human rights organization, believes that the U.S. government should be held to task for turning a blind eye to the groups [i.e. Minutemen, etc.]. "Anti-immigrant vigilantism continues to plague Arizona and the border region," explains Jennifer Allen... [as if the OAS has any enforcement powers here]

Public News Service -- Boulder, Colo. -- July 10, 2009     
Open-borders radical Allen claims E-Verify hurts economy, legal workers   
Tucson -- The U.S. Senate is moving to expand the federal system for determining employment eligibility so that current workers will be checked along with new hires. Jennifer Allen, [pro-Mexican invasion] immigration advocate for the Border Action Network, says the changes to E-verify will harm qualified U.S. citizens and non-citizens alike by falsely denying them work....

Nogales (Arizona) International January 9, 2009  
Usual suspects to toss dubious "Border Issues Fair"   
...Groups that offer area residents an opportunity to become directly involved will have displays. These include the Border Action Network, BorderLinks, Derechos Humanos, Los Descondocidos, the Naco Migrant Resource Center, Humane Borders, JustCoffee, No More Deaths, and Samaritans.

Scripps Howard Foundation Wire -- December 6, 2008   
Troublesome Reconquistas assemble to plan amnesty push   
..."We need to have a border policy that is entwined with community security," said Jennifer Allen, executive director of Border Action Network, which is part of the task force. "There is a way out of a highly polarized debate." -- Fernando Garcia... said the report calls for fiscally responsible policies, protection of human and civil rights and creating community security...

San Antonio Express News -- November 20, 2008  
Reconquistas, communists push Congress for illegal alien amnesty   
A coalition of [illegal alien.... criminal] rights groups [including the notorious Border Action Network] from Southwest border states urged Congress Wednesday to adopt comprehensive immigration reform to reduce civil rights violations and [illegal alien] deaths. -- Recommendations to improve immigration and border policy...

John Perazzo -- Front Page Magazine -- July 25, 2008   
Whistling past the graveyard   
...Border Action Network: This neo-Marxist group seeks "to ensure that those who are most impacted [i.e., illegal aliens] by border and immigration policies are at the forefront of movements calling for human dignity and civil rights..." Advocating the dissolution of American borders, BAN calls for unchecked, unregulated migration into and out of the United States...

Tucson Citizen -- December 11, 2007
Report claims abuses by police, others of invaders
A report issued Monday by the Border Action Network here says "local police were involved in the largest number of reported incidences" of "possible human rights violations" between September and November. --- Jennifer Allen [pictured at left] spoke in Spanish on behalf of the human rights group at a news conference at Iglesia de Dios Church...AP Internal Use Only

SPLC Lackey
Jen Allen
Sierra Vista (Arizona) Herald / Review -- November 17, 2007
Open-border zealots open office in Douglas
Members of Border Action Network will dedicate a new office and launch the Douglas Human Rights Committee during a ceremony in Douglas (Arizona) today. -- The office will serve as a meeting site, a drop-in center where people can report rights violations committed by authorities and a place for ongoing training on rights protections, said Jennifer Allen...AP Internal Use Only

BAN Spokeshole Allen
BAN's Allen
Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson -- May 10, 2007
New Border Patrol chief to meet with Reconquistas
The U.S. Border Patrol's new Tucson Sector chief will meet with leaders of immigrant-rights and humanitarian organizations today. --- ...Both [SPLC- hack Jen] Allen and Isabel Garcia, co-chair of the Coalicion de Derechos Humanos and a longtime local activist, said they'll encourage Gilbert to increase accountability among his agents...AP Internal Use Only

SPLC Lackey
Jen Allen
Arizona Daily Star -- March 8, 2007 Morris Dees Southern Poverty Law Center
Arizona 'immigrants' take old message to new Congress
..."We are much more optimistic than we have ever been in the past," said Jennifer Allen, of Border Action Network, a Tucson- based immigrants' rights group. "The conditions for once are on our side." -- "The border has been discussed and reframed as if border communities are pawns to be moved around or don't even exist," Allen said.AP Internal Use Only

BAN Spokeshole Allen
BAN's Allen
KVOA-TV -- Tucson -- November 3, 2006
Reconquistas hope to trim alleged abuse of 'immigrants'
South Tucson -- Border rights activists are launching a month- long drive to document alleged abuse of immigrant families by law enforcement officers. -- The executive director of the Border Action Network says the aim is to demonstrate policies and practices needed to guarantee not only border security but also community...AP Internal Use Only

Jon Kyl
Sen. Jon Kyl
KVOA-TV -- Tucson -- April 13, 2006
Kyl says immigration reform can't please all
...Randall Smith, operations director for the Border Action Network, [a collection of radical left- wing subversives and Mexican Reconquistas], said Kyl's idea is unrealistic because [illegal aliens... criminals] aren't likely to volunteer to return home when they have already paid thousands of dollars to come work in the U.S. economy.AP Internal Use Only

Arrogant Squatters
Sierra Vista Herald / Review -- April 11, 2006
Subversives stage tantrum in Douglas, demand legalization
Waving American flags and chanting "si se puede!" ("yes, we can!"), an estimated 250 people gathered here Monday for a "march for justice" to demand safe borders and rights for [illegal aliens... criminals] working in the U.S. -- "What we want is a border that is secure, just and humane," said Yolanda Pena, an activist with the Border Action Network...AP Internal Use Only

BAN Spokeshole Allen
BAN's Allen
KOLD-TV -- Tucson -- April 7, 2006
Border Patrol meets with concerned citizens
While lawmakers debate in Washington, the Border Patrol and citizens concerned with immigration problems are meeting in Tucson to discuss other solutions. -- The Border Action Network [a gaggle of dangerous Mexican Reconquista pests] has been working with local law enforcement and the patrol to improve some of the problems they say...AP Internal Use Only

¡Viva México! 
¡Viva México!
Associated Press -- April 6, 2006
Protesters defend carrying Mexican flags
...Jennifer Allen, executive director of the immigrant rights group Border Action Network, said she is not discouraging anyone from bringing the Mexican flag to Monday's march in Tucson. --- "A lot of immigrant families in southern Arizona are telling one another to carry the American flag in their hands, but hold the Mexican flag in their hearts," she said.AP Internal Use Only

Great News!
KPHO-TV -- Phoenix -- October 26, 2005
Lease renewed despite whining of vehement reconquistas
Tucson, Ariz. -- Arizona State Land Department officials have renewed a grazing lease for a rancher, known for detaining [illegal aliens... criminals]. -- The department acted despite requests from the Border Action Network and MALDEF not to renew Roger Barnett's lease for ten more years.AP Internal Use Only

Traitor Alert
Georgia Straight -- Vancouver, B. C. -- September 29, 2005
SPLC, BAN crackpots bewail Minutemen
...Zoe Hammer of the U.S. -- based Border Action Network agrees. "The Minutemen are a symptom of border policies that are homicidal," Hammer told the Straight. "The real solution is comprehensive immigration transformation, including civil and workers' rights, and a path to legal residency and citizenship."AP Internal Use Only

BAN Spokeshole
BAN's Allen
KOLD-TV -- Tucson -- June 30, 2005
Reconquista mob wants rancher's lease renewal denied
Phoenix -- [The open- borders whackos known as the Border Action Network] are urging the state to deny a grazing lease renewal requested by a Cochise County rancher. -- The rancher, Roger Barnett, has gained notoriety for detaining illegal [aliens ...criminals] he's found crossing his ranch near Douglas.AP Internal Use Only

Idiot Alert!
Arizona Republic -- April 23, 2005
Feds question freeing reservist
Federal authorities and immigration attorneys are skeptical of a decision not to prosecute an Army reservist for holding seven undocumented immigrants [criminals] at gunpoint this month at an Arizona rest stop. -- "It is another notch in the disturbing pattern of impunity that vigilantes enjoy in Arizona," said the Border Action Network's Jen Allen [a vehement reconquista].AP Internal Use Only

BAN Spokeshole
Tucson Citizen Border Edition -- March 29, 2005
Reconquistas out to limit border watchers
Arizona human rights advocates [read: open-borders whackos] hope to dissuade additional organizations from confronting armed volunteers who will be watching for illegal border crossings in southeastern Arizona in April. -- The Tucson-based Border Action Network [leader Jen Allen pictured left] is trying to convince groups not to send people to Douglas, Tombstone and other areas of Cochise County.AP Internal Use Only

Mexican Onslaught
Drudge Report Flash News -- March 27, 2005
Arizona: CBP to announce significant rescource increase
U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials tell TIME's Brian Bennett that they will announce a "significant increase in resources" this week to address the influx of illegal immigrants still crossing by land in Arizona. -- [Morris Dees' lackey and rabid open-border whacko] Jennifer Allen of the Border Action Network says she is preparing a human- rights complaint against the U.S. government for "failing to prosecute vigilante groups." [We suspect this announcement to take place in Tucson on March 30 in the early afternoon].AP Internal Use Only

Traitor Alert
People's Weekly World (Communist Drool) -- February 24, 2005
Mexican award-winning mayor closes US town to Americans
Tombstone, Az. [Scroll Down] -- "There are more and more of these anti-immigrant, paramilitary groups, but we had never before seen any with as many volunteers as Minuteman claims to have," said Jennifer Allen [BAN leader and Morris Dees stooge]... -- Mayor Ray Borane of Douglas, Ariz., said his town is closed to the Minuteman group because it is made up of "white supremacists, racists and very dangerous people."AP Internal Use Only

BAN Spokeshole
AlterNet.org -- February 24, 2005
BAN crackpots, AFSC pests bemoan deportation proposal
..."These are people who have committed very low-level crimes for economic reasons and are not very threatening," says Jennifer Allen, executive director for Border Action Network, a group which opposes the bill. "This is only a piecemeal band- aid which attempts to cover the inherent problems in this country's immigration laws. Once they finish serving time in Mexico, they'll just cross the border again."AP Internal Use Only

Inter Press News Service -- February 4, 2005
Dees' stooges, troublesome mayor whine about Minuteman Project
"Freedom don't come for free" warns the Minuteman Project, a U.S. vigilante group that is calling for volunteers, especially people with law enforcement or military experience, "for the purpose of aiding the U.S. Border Patrol in 'spotting' intruders entering the U.S. illegally." -- The invitation to help "protect our country from a 40-year-long invasion across our southern border with Mexico" is for Apr. 1-30 in Tombstone, Arizona.AP Internal Use Only

BAN Spokeshole
Reuters -- January 18, 2005
U.S. Mayor beloved by Mexico, subversives whine about project
An Arizona-based citizens group is recruiting hundreds of volunteers to patrol the border with Mexico this spring, saying that U.S. government has failed to stem the flow of illegal immigrants [criminals]. -- Douglas Mayor Ray Borane criticized such efforts as "senseless, misdirected exercises in futility" that do not address the serious problem of illegal immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. [BAN and the seditious barnacle shown at left also mentioned.]AP Internal Use Only

A Fleecing

Sierra Vista (Arizona) Herald-Review -- November 30, 2004
Baby-waving plaintiffs discuss suit against rancher
Tucson -- Three young girls said they feared for their lives when Cochise County businessman and rancher Roger Barnett allegedly confronted them and two adults with a loaded rifle, accusing the five of trespassing on his property. -- Monday, the girls spoke about the incident east of Douglas in a press conference arranged by the Border Action Network [Morris Dees' lackeys], a long-time foe of Barnett...AP Internal Use Only

BAN Spokeshole
Los Angeles Times (Free Registration) -- August 30, 2004
Reconquistas whine about deportation program
A growing protest over a voluntary repatriation program for Mexicans has spurred immigrant rights groups in Southern California to launch a campaign aimed at thwarting the initiative. -- The $12-million program, which started in July and is a collaboration between the United States and Mexico, targets Mexicans caught illegally crossing America's southwestern border... -- "It's nothing more than a shell game," said Jennifer Allen, executive director of Border Action Network...AP Internal Use Only

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