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Associated Press -- June 13, 2012 
Snit over Maryland's 'DREAM Act' continues    
Annapolis -- Attorneys for an [illegal alien] advocacy group are trying to convince Maryland's highest court that a new law to provide college tuition breaks to [illegal aliens] doesn't belong on the ballot. -- Opponents of the law have organized a petition drive to put the question before voters in November. But Joseph E. Sandler, a lawyer for Casa de Maryland, told the Maryland Court of Appeals on Tuesday that the Dream Act...

Fox News -- March 12, 2012   
Subversive Obama regime files objection to Texas voter ID law   
The Justice Department is objecting to a new photo ID law in Texas for voters, saying the state has failed to demonstrate that the the law is not discriminatory by design against Hispanic voters. -- The department's head of the civil rights division, [former CASA de Maryland hack] Tom Perez, wrote a a six-page letter to Texas' director of elections saying that Texas has not "sustained its burden" under Section 5... [Related item]

The Gazette -- Gaithersburg, Md. -- September 23, 2011 
AIM takes aim at subversives at CASA de Maryland   
In an action reminiscent of attacks in 2009 on the national organization ACORN, a conservative national media watchdog group is targeting a Maryland immigration rights organization, claiming it has communist ties and operates outside the law. -- In fact, a report by the nonprofit Accuracy in Media on the Montgomery County-based group is entitled "Casa de Maryland: The Illegals' ACORN."

WMAL -- Washington, DC -- September 22, 2011  
Shameless baby-waving ensues over deportation of illegals   
Illegal aliens and dozens of supporters, including the pro-amnesty group Casa de Maryland, rallied outside Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices in the District Wednesday, demanding relief for four women facing deportation. The women, all mothers of young children, were among the protesters, clutching posters of their families and chanting...

Accuracy in Media -- September 21, 2011  
Casa de Maryland: The illegals' ACORN   
Sept. 20 -- Accuracy in Media's Center for Investigative Journalism today released a special report, exposing the organized violation of federal immigration laws by members of labor unions and government officials. -- "CASA de Maryland is a case study in the corrupting effects of illegal immigration and a reflection of our degenerating political class," special report author James Simpson said...

James Simpson -- The Examiner -- September 20, 2011          
AIM Special Report on CASA de Maryland published today   
Many of you may wonder where I have been for the past six months or so. Obviously I have not been writing much publicly. One of the major efforts I have been involved in is a report being issued today at Accuracy in Media. This report documents the abusive and corrupt nature of a very influential illegal immigrant advocacy organization known as CASA de Maryland...

The Capital -- Annapolis, Md. -- August 10, 2011        
Open borders group sues ICE   
An [illegal alien "rights"] group filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit this week alleging that Immigration Customs Enforcement officers violated the constitutional rights of two county families during a 2008 raid in Annapolis. -- The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Baltimore by CASA de Maryland on behalf of married couple Pablo Alvarado and Ingrid Munoz and sisters Elizabeth Gallegos-Torres and Natalia Pelaez-Torres...

James Simpson -- The Examiner -- June 27, 2011         
UPDATE: What to do about rejected DREAM Act repeal petitions 
We reported earlier on the outrageous behavior of CASA de Maryland and the complicity of Maryland officials in attempting to disrupt the petition drive to repeal in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. --- Now we know that CASA received a computer disc containing all the petitions turned in so far. They received this without proper authorization, according to Delegate Mike Smigiel (R - Dist 36)...

James Simpson -- The Examiner -- June 27, 2011           
Blatant, in-your-face corruption and Nazi tactics in Maryland occurring NOW 
The DREAM Act, granting in-state tuition and other special privileges to illegal aliens was defeated in Congress last year, but Maryland, a sanctuary state, was able to pass its own version (SB 167) in April. This was managed by intense lobbying from the far leftwing illegal [alien] advocate organization, CASA de Maryland -- which receives millions from the state -- and a blizzard of legislative contortions...

Baltimore Sun -- June 22, 2011    
Petitioners hit the streets to stop tuition breaks for illegals   
The red-and-white placards outside the Motor Vehicle Administration office in Frederick strike some as an invitation: "Sign petition here. No in-state tuition for illegal immigrants." -- One after another, supporters walk up. Over the course of the morning, Carol Geisbert welcomes, among others, a Montgomery County mother of three college-bound teens...

Ballston-Virginia Square Patch -- May 26, 2011   
Usual suspects rally against deporting illegal alien criminals   
Chanting alternately in Spanish and English, a diverse group of about 300 protesters marched Thursday from George Mason's Arlington campus to the Arlington County Justice Center, protesting against "coercive deportation." -- The rally at the court house included speakers from the immigrant community, from religious leaders and advocacy groups, organized by CASA de Maryland, an advocacy group for Latino communities...

Reuters -- April 19, 2011   
New Jersey man jailed for racist threats to ethnic hustlers    
A New Jersey man was behind bars on Tuesday starting to serve a 50-month sentence for making racist threats online against several Latino organizations. -- Vicious online messages were part of a "hate-filled campaign of fear" launched by Vincent Johnson, 61, of Brick, New Jersey, said Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez [a former Casa de Maryland lackey].... [Also see AG Watch]

WMAL-AM -- Washington -- April 4, 2011
CASA upset over deportation of illegals caught in Prince George's County 
Who has the Washington area's highest rate of deporting illegal [aliens] with no criminal record? A hint -- it's NOT Prince William County. -- It's actually Prince George's County [Md.]. According to The Examiner, two-thirds of the illegal [aliens] deported from the county over a 14-month period...

Glen Burnie (Md.) Patch -- March 11, 2011     
State 'DREAM Act' rally brings 1,500 students to Annapolis   
...The event, arranged by CASA de Maryland -- a community organization founded by Central American refugees and North Americans in 1985, according to [CASA] was held to support Senate Bill 167, often referred to as the Maryland Dream Act. If passed, the legislation would allow Maryland's high performing [illegal alien] students to attend college locally at in-state tuition rates...

Matthew Vadum -- February 17, 2011     
The next 9/11   
...As part of his outreach campaign in the U.S., [Venezuelan dictator Hugo] Chavez has given $1.5 million to Casa de Maryland, a Washington, D.C.-area charity that advocates for illegal aliens. The grant is being paid by CITGO. -- As we have seen, Chavez has already engaged in soft tactics aimed at undermining the United States...

Peter Huessy -- Family Security Matters -- February 14, 2011      
South American dictator funding open borders fanatics in Maryland   
President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela is sending $1 million a year of his oil revenue to an American organization bent on keeping America's borders wide open. Casa de Maryland openly helps migrants illegally in the United States. It also receives $4 million from the state of Maryland and Montgomery County...

Washington Examiner -- January 31, 2011     
Report: Illegal aliens decline in Va., Md. towns that crack down   
The number of illegal [aliens] plummeted in Virginia and Maryland communities that cracked down on immigration violations, with many moving into neighboring localities where enforcement of those laws was far less intense, according to a report released Monday... [CASA de Maryland is whining, of course]

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner -- November 11, 2010    
Documents: Obama appointee abandoned case against Black Panthers   
Documents from the Obama Department of Justice provide new evidence that top political appointees at the DOJ were intimately involved in the decision to dismiss the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party for Self Defense. -- These new documents, which include internal DOJ e-mail correspondence, directly contradict sworn testimony by Thomas Perez [a former CASA hack]... [See AG Watch]

La Prensa -- October 19, 2010     
DOJ assures usual suspects that it will prosecute so-called "hate crimes"
Thomas E. Pérez, Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division [and former Casa de Maryland hack] met with numerous Latino leaders on Oct. 12, 2010 at La Sagrada Familia Church, Cleveland, to discuss the communities' needs and create stronger partnerships with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)...

Jerry Seper -- Washington Times -- October 19, 2010     
Obama regime backs disputed mosque expansion   
The Justice Department's Civil Rights Division [run by former CASA de Maryland stooge Thomas Perez] Tuesday came out in support of the construction and expansion of an Islamic mosque in Murfreesboro, Tenn., that local landowners and others have bitterly opposed. -- A "friend of the court" brief was filed in a pending lawsuit in state court against Rutherford County, Tenn... [See Obama Watch]

TBD -- Washington, DC -- October 14, 2010    
Ehrlich says Casa de Maryland assists illegal activity   
..."You have this issue of spending, the CASA de Marylands of the world," [Maryland gubernatorial candidate Bob] Ehrlich said. "If the CASA de Marylands of the world would just follow their original charter, if they were really about assimilation, recent immigrants into this country, teaching capitalism, democracy, teaching our culture, our singular American culture, economic empowerment, I'd be standing on the rooftops..."

Seattle Times -- August 18, 2010     
Another showdown sizzles in Arizona   
A federal investigation of an Arizona sheriff known for tough immigration enforcement has intensified in recent days, escalating the conflict between the Obama administration and officials in the border state. -- Justice Department officials have issued a rare threat to sue Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio if he didn't cooperate by Tuesday... [See Obama Watch and AG Watch] [Thomas Perez, former lawyer for race-pimp cartel CASA de Maryland, is involved in this witch hunt]

Washington Post -- August 17, 2010     
Feckless feds threaten to sue Arpaio in "civil rights" inquiry   
A federal investigation of a controversial Arizona sheriff known for tough immigration enforcement has intensified in recent days, escalating the conflict between the Obama administration and officials in the border state. -- [DoJ officials] have issued a rare threat to sue Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio if he doesn't cooperate by Tuesday... [Former CASA de Maryland hack Thomas Perez is involved]

KOLD-TV -- Tucson -- August 3, 2010     
Obama regime threatening to sue Sheriff Arpaio   
The Justice Department says an Arizona sheriff known for his efforts against illegal [aliens] has refused to cooperate with a civil rights investigation and the department is threatening to sue. --- In a letter, assistant attorney general Thomas Perez [formerly of the ethnic hustling mob known as CASA de Maryland] gives the sheriff's office until Aug. 17 to turn over documents first requested last year... [See Obama Watch and AG Watch]

NBC Washington -- June 29, 2010    
CASA de Maryland pressures Obama on destructive amnesty scheme   
One [illegal alien "rights"] group is running out of patience with President Barack Obama. -- Gustavo Torres, the head of CASA de Maryland, said "time is running out" for positive signs from the White House. -- Torres and other community leaders met with the president Monday. The group asked the commander-in-chief to put forward an immigration reform plan [amnesty] by the end of the year...

Inger Eberhart -- The Examiner -- May 19, 2010     
Invasion advocacy groups call for civil disobedience    
Illegal immigration advocacy groups have called for an "escalation to civil disobedience, other actions to win immigration reform. Select groups will participate in the National Day of Solidarity with Arizona on May 29. -- A conference call was held yesterday afternoon to plan the next steps for their movement. In their words, the reason for the escalation is...

Investor's Business Daily -- May 12, 2010     
Meddling in Arizona   
...More troubling, however, in the last five years or so [Hugo Chavez] also heaped money on U.S. Latino groups to advance his agenda. -- In 2008, Citgo, the U.S. subsidiary of Venezuela's PDVSA state oil company, announced a $1.5 million grant to CASA of Maryland, an [illegal alien "rights"] group that bails illegal [aliens] out after they've been detained by federal agents...

Southern Maryland Newspapers -- May 12, 2010    
Lawmakers might sponsor Arizona-type bill   
..."Maryland is infested with politicians that are basically advocates for illegals," said Del. Patrick L. McDonough (R-Baltimore, Harford). -- If re-elected in November, McDonough said he will introduce Arizona's bill in Maryland. -- Parts of the bill are similar to the 11 anti-illegal-immigration bills he has introduced in the past eight years... [See ACLU Watch]

The Gazette -- Gaithersburg, Md. -- April 27, 2010  [Warning!: Shameless Baby Waving]    
Protesters ask Prince George's to stop using 287(g)   
Forty-five people marched Monday outside the Prince George's County Department of Corrections in protest of the county's policy to hand over detainees who may be in the country illegally [criminals] to federal officials. -- The protest was organized by the [illegal alien.... criminal] advocacy group Casa of Maryland...

Frederick (Maryland) News Post -- March 29, 2010     
Sheriff's office to join another immigration enforcement program   
The Frederick County Sheriff's Office will soon become a partner with the Department of Homeland Security in another national program to help enforce the nation's immigration laws. --- Enid Gonzalez Aleman is the senior manager of the legal program for CASA de Maryland, a critic of the program. -- She said the database Secure Communities will open to local officers is enormous...

Harold Meyerson -- Washington Post -- March 17, 2010     
Amnesty Scheme: More moaning and groaning, demands from outlaws and pals   
..."There's huge discontent, especially among the young," says Angelica Salas, who heads [CHIRLA]. "They see their parents snatched away, they have to put their lives on hold." (There are an estimated 4 million U.S.-born American-citizen children of [illegal aliens.... criminals].) [CASA's Gustavo Torres is threatening civil unrest if there's no amnesty for invaders] [See Amnesty Watch]

Harold Meyerson -- Washington Post -- March 17, 2010     
Amnesty: Maryland open-borders mob threatens "civil disobedience"   
..."I'm very hopeful" that the president will agree to push for legislation, says [Rep. Luis] Gutierrez. "The ball is in his court." -- And if the president doesn't agree? "We will go into the field," says Gutierrez, "like the civil rights movement and the suffragists did." "We will escalate," says Gustavo Torres of Casa de Maryland, "to civil disobedience." [See Amnesty Watch]

America's Voice (Cheap Labor Hustlers) -- March 12, 2010    Videos Included    
Maryland raids rile local open-borders troublemakers   
...Today, CASA de Maryland hosted a press conference in front of the White House, denouncing the raids and allowing family members of detained [illegal aliens.... criminals] to speak. One reporter questioned what response there might have been from the Administration, given the timing of the raids one day after the White House meeting [about amnesty]...

Federation for American Immigration Reform -- March 1, 2010  
Latest FAIR Legislative Update   
The nation's top civil rights prosecutor last week blatantly misrepresented FBI crime statistics by claiming that hate crimes against Latinos are on the rise. [Fmr. CASA de Maryland lackey] Thomas Perez, who took over the Justice Department's civil rights unit for the Obama Administration, said last Wednesday, "The data and my own experience is that hate crimes are on the rise: Hate crimes against every group are on the rise."

Baltimore Sun -- February 10, 2010    
A new move against illegal aliens (criminals)   
Some Maryland lawmakers want to require the state prison system to notify federal authorities when an inmate may be in the country unlawfully - potentially resurrecting last year's debate about how the state is responding to an influx of illegal [aliens]... [The radical Left-wing subversives at CASA de Maryland object, naturally.] [See Crime Watch]

Towson (Md.) Times -- February 3, 2010     
Council approves illegal immigration measure; CASA, ACLU grouse   
A civil rights group and an [illegal alien.... criminal] advocacy organization say they fear some legal immigrants may be discriminated against if the county abides by a resolution passed Monday night by the County Council. -- The council passed the non-binding measure by a vote of 6-0 asking the county to develop policies that would penalize companies...

Baltimore Sun  -- February 2, 2010   
Baltimore County Council wants contractors to vet hires; CASA & ACLU whine   
...Representatives of Casa de Maryland, an [illegal alien.... criminal] advocacy group, and the ACLU questioned the accuracy of E-Verify and asked council members to review several reports on it. -- "While I respect the desire to ensure the lawful ability to work in the U.S., I disagree with the means to do so," said Ajmel Quereshi, an attorney for the ACLU...

Baltimore Sun -- February 1, 2010    
E-Verify urged for Baltimore County as usual suspects whine   
...At CASA de Maryland, an [illegal alien.... criminal] advocacy group, director of services Kerry O'Brien said, "E-Verify can lead to discrimination against immigrants and distracts from the real issue. The council's time would be better spent in calling on Congress for comprehensive immigration reforms [read: amnesty]."

Southern Maryland Online -- Middletown -- November 21, 2009    
Local enforcement of immigration rules wins praise   
Enlisting local police in immigration enforcement could help prevent crimes committed by illegal [aliens], Baltimore's former Maryland Transportation Authority Police Chief Gary McLhinney, argued in a panel discussion Thursday... [CASA is whining and suing over 287(g)]

Frederick (Md.) News-Post -- November 13, 2009     
Sheriff to respond to ethnic-hustlers' lawsuit   
Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins will hold a press conference today to address questions about a lawsuit filed by a woman who alleges her civil rights were violated when deputies arrested her on suspicion of an immigration violation...

WJZ-TV -- Baltimore -- November 12, 2009    
Ethnic-hustling PRLDEF and CASA de Maryland sue Frederick County   
Two civil rights groups have filed a federal lawsuit alleging immigration enforcement violations by the Frederick County (Md.) Sheriff's Office. -- New York-based LatinoJustice PRLDEF and the state organization Casa de Maryland filed the complaint Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Greenbelt...

Frederick (Md.) News -- November 9, 2009    
Ethnic-hustlers to sue Frederick County Sheriff Office for racial profiling   
...Lawyers with LatinoJustice PRLDEF, CASA de Maryland and Nixon Peabody LLP will file the suit in the U.S. District Court at Greenbelt on Tuesday... -- The complaint will allege that Roxana Orellana was eating lunch outdoors Oct. 7, 2008, on her break when two Frederick County Sheriff's Office deputies approached and began interrogating her about her immigration status...

Washington Post -- October 28, 2009    
BofA grants go to vehement Reconquista fanatics in Maryland   
...Two $200,000 grants will go to CASA de Maryland, a group helping low-income Latino communities with such services as education and job training, and Manna Inc., which works to provide affordable housing and help tenants collaborate to purchase or renovate buildings...

Washington Post -- October 6, 2009     
Senate confirms DoJ Civil Rights nominee, 'Tan Klan' lawyer elated  
The Senate voted Tuesday afternoon to confirm President Obama's nominee to lead the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division. -- Thomas Perez, a former Maryland politician and civil rights lawyer, was named Assistant Attorney General and head of the Civil Rights Division... [This guy was on the board of the pro-invader 'CASA de Maryland']

CASA de Maryland -- August 12, 2009      
Baltimore pushes Washington to reward foreign scofflaws   
Delay may be business as usual in Washington, but Baltimore isn't having it. -- Yesterday evening, amidst news that President Obama now sees immigration reform delayed until 2010, the Baltimore City Council passed a resolution... calling on President Obama and Congress to act swiftly to pass real, comprehensive immigration reform. [See Amnesty Watch]

Dave Foutz -- --  July 26, 2009    
A setback for subversive Casa de Maryland   
Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold who instituted 287 (g) last year has witnessed the numbers of foreign-born inmates referred to federal authorities (and thereby be put on the path to deportation) increase three to four times in barely more than a year...

Business Gazette -- Gaithersburg, Md.  --  July 8, 2009   
MVA taking heat over pulled licenses   
Maryland's Motor Vehicle Administration is under fire from civil and [illegal alien] rights groups that say the agency revoked the licenses or identification cards of about 150 people without notice or due process. -- The MVA did cancel the licenses, spokeswoman Caryn Coyle confirmed Thursday... [See ACLU watch] [See CASA Watch]

Los Angeles Times -- April 5, 2009  
Obama's civil rights nominee should be ready for a fight   
...Immigration is a minor responsibility for the division's lawyers, but the topic is likely to be a focus in the confirmation of Perez, a Dominican American. For seven years, he was a director of CASA of Maryland, an [anti-American, pro-invasion] group, and served as its president in 2002.... -- March 23, 2009 
Obama curtails successful drug interdiction program   
..."CASA de Maryland [a group with known affinities to the FMLN] is run by people who belonged to a guerilla group that targeted American Marines and soldiers and a U.S. Navy commander for assassination for political purposes," Waller told Newsmax... [See Obama Watch]

Baltimore Sun -- March 18, 2009                       
DoJ nominee also worked for pro-invasion National Immigration Forum  
...[Thomas] Perez appears to have achieved little, if any, public prominence on hot-button immigration issues, despite his involvement with CASA de Maryland on whose board he served from 1995 to 2002, including as president. He also was on the board of the National Immigration Forum for just over a year...

Latin American Herald Tribune -- Caracas,Venezuela -- March 18, 2009
Ethnic hustlers claim immigration agents pressured to bust illegals    
...CASA de Maryland presented an internal DHS report written after the raids that shows that there were contradictions among the sworn statements given by the agents. -- "First they said that they went to buy something because they were hungry and the [illegal aliens] came up to them and said they were looking for work..."

Tyche Hendricks -- San Francisco Chronicle -- March 18, 2009 
Obama switch on civil rights post leaves Latinos fuming   
When Obama named Maryland Secretary of Labor [and former CASA lackey] Tom Perez as his nominee for Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division at the U.S. DoJ, Friday, some Latino leaders cheered. The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials called Perez "exceptionally qualified." [Some are miffed that MALDEF menace Thomas Saenz didn't get the job.]

Mark Krikorian -- Center for Immigration Studies -- March 16, 2009    
MALDEF won't be running civil rights after all... CASA de Maryland will   
I'd alluded earlier to reports that Thomas Saenz, MALDEF's former top attorney, had been tapped to head the Civil Rights Division at the Justice Department. Apparently, that was true, and he'd accepted the job, but then the White House threw him under the bus "because of Tom's work on immigration rights," in the words of LA County supervisor Gloria Molina...