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VETO Cedillo's Folly
Dan Walters -- Sacramento Bee -- December 20, 2004
Congress ducks immigrant licenses issue, but state can't
As Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Latino politicians sparred during the past year over whether California should issue driver's licenses to illegal immigrants, both sides wondered whether - or hoped that - the issue could be settled by federal decree. -- Indeed, a House-approved provision of the new intelligence overhaul bill...AP Internal Use Only

No Licenses for Invaders!
Jim Trageser -- North County Times -- December 18, 2004
Illegal aliens haven't earned driver's licenses
Is immigration a racial issue? What about illegal immigration? There are certainly those who seem to think it is. Or at least ought to be. Witness the Mexican American Political Association, which is calling for a boycott of all gasoline stations in California every Monday as a way of protesting the fact that illegal immigrants can't get driver's licenses in California.AP Internal Use Only

Darrell Issa
Riverside Press Enterprise -- December 18, 2004
Issa backs measure to deny driver licenses to invaders
Inland Rep. Darrell Issa, who bankrolled the recall that brought Gov. Schwarzenegger to office, is backing a state ballot measure that would deny driver licenses and other benefits to undocumented immigrants [criminals]. -- Issa said he was disappointed after provisions that would stop states from giving licenses to undocumented immigrants were taken out of the intelligence bill passed by Congress last week.AP Internal Use Only

No Licenses for Invaders!
Associated Press -- December 13, 2004
More on Nativo Lopez's latest hare-brained scheme
Hispanic activists on Monday called for a weekly boycott of California gas stations as a way to resurrect an immigrant [invader] driver's licenses bill vetoed earlier this year by Gov. Schwarzenegger. -- Pro-immigrant [Mexican invasion] groups urged motorists to avoid buying gas every Monday through next year or until lawmakers allowed illegal immigrants to apply for licenses.AP Internal Use Only

Nativo Lopez, MAPA, Accomplices -- December 13, 2004
Reconquistas running toothless boycott over licenses
...Hermandad Mexicana Latinoamericana, the Mexican American Political Association, Centro Azteca de Informacion, and the Los Angeles Coalition Against Immigration Raids make a call to the Mexican, Mexican American and Latino communities of California to challenge the stubbornness and duplicity of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger [and to toss an ongoing tantrum over invaders not getting driver's licenses in Calif.]AP Internal Use Only

Son of Proposition 187
The Californian - Salinas -- December 11, 2004
Petition seeks to ban licenses for lawbreaking invaders
Backers of a ballot measure that would prevent undocumented immigrants [criminals] from obtaining California drivers' licenses continue to gather signatures, undaunted by the legal challenge that a similar proposition is facing in Arizona. -- Salinas resident Angie Morfin... is asking her relatives and neighbors to sign the "Save our License" petition...AP Internal Use Only

Bush-Approved Defacto National ID
San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial -- December 10, 2004  
California should not ease licensing rules for illegals
At least some of the Sept. 11 terrorists, all Arabs, obtained illegal driver's licenses and used them to board airliners on that horrific day. Which is why the issue of granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants is a matter of pressing national security concern. -- Sen. ["One Bill"] Gil Cedillo has led a long- running campaign to enact a bill allowing illegal immigrants to obtain California driver's licenses freely.AP Internal Use Only

Patrick Mallon -- -- December 9, 2004
The Trojan Horses of Sacramento
...Assemblyman Mark Leno vows to legalize same-sex marriage, in spite of the law. And Senator Gill Cedillo, come hell or high water, pledges to bring his highly unpopular illegal immigrant driver's license bill back from the dead in 2005. --- Senator Gil Cedillo, the man who may have pushed Gray Davis out the door when he pressured the former governor to sign a bill granting immigrant driver's licenses in 2003...AP Internal Use Only

VETO Cedillo's Folly
Copley News Service -- December 9, 2004
Invader driver's license issue to be put off
...Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to defer talks on driver licenses for illegal immigrants [criminals] until federal officials develop standards required under legislation to overhaul the national intelligence network. -- [Schwarzenegger and "One Bill Gil" Cedillo, a vehement Mexican reconquista, remain at odds over how to provide licenses to invaders without compromising national security... an impossibility.]AP Internal Use Only

VETO Cedillo's Folly
Tri-Valley Herald - Pleasanton -- November 30, 2004 
'One Bill' Gil is at it again with his driver's license nonsense
Ignoring stiff opposition by the administration, a state legislator ['One Bill Gil' Cedillo, a vehement Mexican reconquista] plans to reintroduce the same proposal to grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed in September. -- The Republican governor vetoed a bill granting illegal immigrants driver's licenses in September, saying it did not contain the necessary security precautions. AP Internal Use Only

Drag Me To The Border
San Jose Mercury News Editorial - November 23, 2004
'One Bill Gil', fellow Mexican reconquista pests at it again
In his indefatigable pursuit to legalize driving for illegal immigrants [criminals], Sen. Gilbert Cedillo should move over and hand the wheel to Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez. -- Núñez understands it's time to do what it takes to get a bill passed. If that means accepting a license for 2 million illegal immigrants that has a different color, as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently insists, then fine, he says...[See:]AP Internal Use Only

VETO Cedillo's Folly
Dennis Mountjoy -- L.A. Times (Free Registration) -- Oct. 11, 2004
Governor right to veto driver's license bill
Arnold Schwarzenegger did the right thing when he immigrated to America from Austria as a young man - he came here legally. As governor, he did the right thing [recently] when he vetoed the bill that would have given California driver's licenses to immigrants who, unlike the governor, entered this country illegally. [Visit Assemblyman Mountjoy's website]AP Internal Use Only

Son of Proposition 187
Sacramento Bee -- October 10, 2004
'The New 187': GOP wary of new initiative
...[A]s state Sen. Gil Cedillo prepares to introduce his fifth license bill next year, the governor - who recently vetoed an Assembly version - and the GOP are distancing themselves from a ballot measure that could put the issue to rest. -- The constitutional amendment would bar the Legislature from granting licenses to illegal immigrants [criminals], and cut off their access to professional or commercial licenses...AP Internal Use Only

La Opinion  (Translated by -- October 7, 2004
Navarro's mob plans 'marcha' against Bush and to demand licenses
An article in the Mexican propaganda rag La Opinion indicates that reconquista nut job Armando Navarro has organized a tantrum to be tossed in San Bernardino on October 9 to urge his fellow countrymen not to vote for embattled president Bush. He also says this toothless rant is also to protest the recent veto of 'One Bill Gil' Cedillo's national security-threatening driver's license bill. [See Spanish version]AP Internal Use Only

Shovel-nosed Miscreant
Mexican -- October 4, 2004
Univision's resident reconquista crackpot exposed as liar
[Mexican blowhard Jorge Ramos Avalos opines]... Arnold Schwarzenegger, the most famous immigrant of the United States, has again turned his back on other immigrants like himself [a lie]. A few days ago he vetoed a bill that would have allowed close to 2 million undocumented immigrants in California to obtain a driver's license. There is nothing sadder and more hypocritical than when an immigrant turns his back on others, and Schwarzenegger's back is very broad.AP Internal Use Only

The Governator
Arnold Watch
Bakersfield Californian -- October 3, 2004
MALDEF meddlers, other subversives whine over vetoes
San Diego (AP) - Last year, as he ran for governor criticizing the passage of a law that would allow illegal immigrants, most of them Hispanic, to get driver's licenses, Arnold Schwarzenegger was criticized for not being sensitive enough to Hispanic issues. -- Now, after his round of bill signings and vetoes as governor, that criticism has emerged again. -- Bills championing causes important to many Hispanics - such as a revived driver's license bill...AP Internal Use Only

VETO Cedillo's Folly
The Provo Daily Herald - Ruben Navarrette Jr. -- October 3, 2004
Illegal immigrants, driver's licenses don't mix
There is a saying in politics: "There are no permanent friends or permanent enemies -- just permanent interests." -- Now, in their relentless campaign to get driver's licenses issued to illegal immigrants, Latino activists in California bring to mind a slightly different phrasing: "If you don't know who your friends are, you'll make enemies. And that just isn't in your best interest." -- Those activists have a new foil: California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger...AP Internal Use Only

¡Viva México! 
¡Viva México! -- October 1, 2004
Arrogant Mexican senate bellyaching about license bill veto
The Mexican Senate... will send a letter to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to express concern over his decision to veto the bill to grant driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants [criminals]. -- "We must respectfully yet firmly urge that government not to make decisions that only violate the human rights of Mexican migrants, who moreover play an undeniable role in the California economy," said Senator Emilia Patricia Gómez. [See: Meddling Mexicans]AP Internal Use Only

Fresno Bee -- October 1, 2004
Invaders, cheerleaders plan to fight for dangerous licenses
Some Hispanic groups in Fresno are urging Latinos to vote against Republicans in November because the governor vetoed a bill that would allow undocumented immigrants [criminals] to obtain drivers licenses. -- Other Latino organizations plan to carry out boycotts against businesses that include those owned by Gov. Schwarzenegger. And one group expects to set "Terminator" videos on fire this weekend. [Hilarious!]AP Internal Use Only

The Governator
The Governator
The Enterprise - Editorial -- Brockton, Mass. -- Sept. 27, 2004  
Schwarzenegger: No licenses for invaders
Some people may take a dim view of Arnold Schwarzenegger being the governor of California, but at least he keeps his word - which puts him ahead of most politicians. --- Schwarzenegger's critics are calling him unenlightened and racist [for his righfully giving the axe to 'One Bill Gil' Cedillo's outrageous license scam]. These ad hominem attacks avoid the central premise that they are trying to legitimize the huge population of illegal immigrants [criminals] in the United States. [Thank Schwarzenegger]AP Internal Use Only

VETO Cedillo's Folly
Hola Hoy -- Los Angeles -- September 27, 2004 [Translated by]
Invaders still demand licenses, reconquista Alarcon vows to help
Invaders and their traitorous supporters are vowing to keep fighting for driver's licenses (defacto national IDs). They are now threatening another toothless boycott, and state senator Richard Alarcón, brother of this rabid Mexican reconquista and communist, is vowing his support. Other invasion cheerleaders are planning some sort of tantrum in L.A. on October 16. [See Spanish version]AP Internal Use Only

Screwball Alert!
Palm Springs Desert Sun -- September 25, 2004
Invasion hustler shows zero regard for U.S. sovereignty
Sonia Dinorah Davila and Juana Raya are having a hard time understanding why Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill that would have made undocumented immigrants [criminals] in the state eligible for driver's licenses. -- "It's not fair," said Davila, a legal assistant at Coachella Valley Immigration Service and Assistance Inc... -- "Everyone needs documentation," said Davila in Spanish. [It's difficult to believe how people this stupid actually get jobs in California. Davila is a legal Mexican immigrant.]AP Internal Use Only

Nyeh nyeh!
KABC-TV -- Los Angeles -- September 24, 2004  
Crackpot activist, SEIU threaten boycott over license bill veto
San Diego -- Angered by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's veto this week of a bill to allow illegal immigrants to drive legally in California, Hispanic leaders and pro-immigrant groups are organizing protests and a national boycott of the state in their campaign to win the licenses. -- "If this is the posture the governor wants to take, then our community is going to be forced to kick it up a notch," said Nativo Lopez, president of the MAPA and Hermandad Mexicana [of Dornan-Sanchez vote fraud fame].AP Internal Use Only

San Jose Mercury News -- September 24, 2004
Diaz says Arnold 'doesn't understand the immigrant community'
A day after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill that would have allowed illegal immigrants [criminals] to obtain driver's licenses, immigrant advocates released a new report Thursday touting the contributions of immigrants to Silicon Valley's economy. --- "We need to educate him,'' said Assemblyman Manny Diaz... "By vetoing the bill, he showed he does not understand the immigrant community.'' AP Internal Use Only

Buh bye!
License Scheme
Long Beach Press-Telegram Editorial -- September 24, 2004
¡Viva El Veto! License scheme belongs in the dumper
There will be no driver's licenses for illegal immigrants anytime soon. And that is plenty soon enough. -- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger this week vetoed a bill that would have allowed such licenses, despite a few security protections supposedly added to win his support. Democrats who pushed the legislation said they'd been double- crossed. -- But that's not true. Schwarzenegger has said all along he wouldn't consider allowing licenses for illegals...AP Internal Use Only

Drag Me To The Border
Los Angeles Daily News -- September 24, 2004
Mexican reconquista Fabian Nuñez relents on licenses
Sacramento -- Democratic Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez said Thursday that he would concede and allow driver's licenses for illegal immigrants [criminals] to be marked with a special designation if Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger would agree to sign a licensing bill. [The only acceptable form of license for invaders is no license at all. They need to be deported.]AP Internal Use Only

El Universal -- Mexico City -- September 24, 2004
Pestiferous Mexican official decries license scam veto
A top foreign relations official on Thursday lambasted California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's veto of legislation that would have allowed undocumented migrants to obtain a driver's licenses in the state. -- Juan Bosco Martí, general director for North American affairs with the Foreign Relations Secretariat (SRE) said in a press conference the Mexican government is very concerned by the action. [The corrupt Mexican government can pound sand. Also see: Mexican Meddling]AP Internal Use Only

Osama Bin Gomez
San Jose Mercury News Editorial -- September 24, 2004
Driver's license muddle
As expected, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants [contact and thank the governor]. The reason: his insistence that a license for the undocumented be distinguishable. -- In his veto message, Schwarzenegger said, "This bill does not adequately address the security concerns that my Department of Homeland Security and I have, and I cannot support it.''AP Internal Use Only

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