Rabid Reconquista Eliseo Medina


August, 2000

...Los Angeles has suddenly turned into a hotbed of union militancy, with a bitter strike by the Screen Actors Guild against advertisers, rallies by teachers, marches by janitors and home healthcare workers, and strikes by nurses against Catholic Healthcare West and Sutter Health hospitals. Aside from the actors' strike, the common thread apparent in these actions is the marriage of Latino immigrants -- many of them illegal -- and union activists. In fact, the driving force behind the AFL-CIO flip-flop on immigration was Eliseo Medina, head of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in Los Angeles. There are currently an estimated 6 million [illegal aliens.... criminals] in the U.S. Many are in Los Angeles, but they are also settling in cities like Milwaukee and in small towns throughout rural America. Medina knows firsthand that [illegal aliens.... criminals] are a potent power base. The SEIU is one union that has reversed years of decline by intensively organizing Latino low-wage service workers. Union leaders in Washington have taken notice...

Read entire article -- Union Card for Green Card: The Radical Vanguard in the Los Angeles Labor Movement

More on Medina and his SEIU Goons
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SEIU Press Release -- June 15, 2012 
Vehement Mexican revanchist Medina lauds Obama's amnesty decree 
Following is a statement from SEIU Secretary Treasurer Eliseo Medina regarding President Obama's announcement today that the administration will stop deporting young illegal [aliens] who came to the Unites States as children and have since led law-abiding lives: "Today, President Obama showed leadership and courage by granting administrative relief to eligible DREAMers..."

Huffington Post -- January 24, 2012  
Usual suspects go after Romney over illegals   
Hoping to exploit former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's potential weaknesses with Latino voters, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and a major Democratic super PAC are attacking the Republican presidential candidate in a Spanish-language radio ad entitled "Las Dos Caras de Mitt Romney," or "The Two Faces of Mitt Romney."

The Hill -- Washington -- January 24, 2012    
Union goon claims Romney wants to deny housing, heat and water to illegals
A major union leader is accusing Mitt Romney of wanting to make life miserable for illegal [aliens] by denying them access to heat and water, barring landlords from renting to them and obstructing their children's access to schools. -- Eliseo Medina, the secretary-treasurer of [the SEIU], blasted Romney on Monday during a conference call announcing a Spanish-language radio ad...

Houston Chronicle -- January 10, 2012   
Usual suspects giddy over Obama's latest assault on Americans   
..."Cecilia [Munoz] knows the complexity and ineffectiveness of our immigration system, and understands that our economy will greatly benefit from comprehensive immigration reform," said [SEIU] secretary-treasurer Eliseo Medina. "In striving to find solutions, Cecilia begins by advocating for what is possible, rather than arguing why something cannot be done. She is a fighter."

CBS News -- May 11, 2011 -- May 11, 2011   
How serious is Obama about getting an amnesty for invaders?   
..."The DREAM Act would let these children apply for legal status after meeting a two-year college requirement or serving in the U.S. military," [SEIU goon and vehement Mexican reconquista fanatic Eliseo] Medina added. "It is an investment in our nation's future and our economic and national security..." [See Obama Watch & Amnesty Watch]

SEIU -- April 7, 2011     
Open borders-fanatic Medina gripes about enforcement, again   
As the U.S. ICE probes the reckless, warrantless stop and arrest of parents at a Detroit School last week, SEIU's Secretary-Treasurer Eliseo Medina issued the following statement. The statement urges the U.S. DHS to review and revise policy standards and priorities of all of its enforcement units including ICE... [More from this clown]

WorldNetDaily.com -- March 26, 2011    
Obama boasts of consulting immigration radical  eliseo medina 
President Obama once boasted of consulting a radical on immigration issues who later admitted that granting citizenship to millions of illegal aliens would expand the "progressive" electorate and help ensure a "progressive" governing coalition for the long term. -- A widely circulated video clip of Obama making a campaign stop at an event for the Service Employees International Union...

Todd J. Gillman -- Dallas Morning News -- March 6, 2011    
Obama's 'eager' embrace of amnesty sounds familiar to the open-borders crowd 
...Eliseo Medina , international secretary-treasurer at the Service Employees International Union -- whose membership is about one-quarter Hispanic -- said anger at the GOP-led crusade in Arizona quickly overshadowed disappointment with Obama. -- "One is ignoring you, and one is beating the daylights out of you," he said...

Front Page Magazine - December 3, 2010    
Immigration: The next battle   
...Let me quote Eliseo Medina — Senior Vice President of the SEIU, America's worst labor union -- and, not coincidentally, the honorary Chairman of the Democratic Socialists of America. He said that immigration "will solidify and expand the progressive coalition for the future." In the same talk, he said the point of immigration is to "create a governing coalition for the long term, not just for an election cycle."

Marc Thiessen -- Washington Post - October 18, 2010    
Are foreign and illegal workers funding Democrats' attack ads?   
...Unions have another source of foreign cash: dues from illegal immigrants. In an April 2007 speech, uncovered by the conservative Web site RedState, SEIU Executive Vice President Eliseo Medina boasts how his union's rolls are loaded with illegal [aliens]. Medina declares proudly: "SEIU is the largest union of immigrant workers in the country, and a number of them are undocumented..."

The Hill -- Washington -- September 15, 2010     
SEIU picks vehement Mexican reconquista fanatic as number two   
The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) announced its new secretary-treasurer Wednesday. -- Eliseo Medina was elected by the union's executive board to serve the remainder of Anna Burger's term, until 2012. -- Earlier this year, Burger resigned her seat as secretary-treasurer after she saw her effort to take the top spot at SEIU fall short...

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers -- August 13, 2010         
Latest NAFBPO update from south of the border   
Anti-[illegal alien.... criminal] activities are making US Latinos aware of the importance of participation and the necessity of finally creating a Latino bloc, asserted a union [SEIU] leader, Eliseo Medina. "Measures like SB 1070 in Arizona and those of denying citizenship to [anchor babies] of [illegal aliens.... criminals] are only awakening them," he said...

Los Angeles Daily News -- August 6, 2010    
Union goons, ethnic hustlers start voter registration drive   
..."For Latinos, the 2010 election is more than merely electing one candidate or another, it is about taking an active role, now more than ever, in the decisions that will affect our families and creating a brighter future for our children and grandchildren," said Eliseo Medina, international executive vice president of the Service Employees International Union...

Press Release -- July 8, 2010      
SEIU open-borders menace lauds DoJ lawsuit against Arizona   
SEIU goon Eliseo Medina spewed the following in a press release: "DOJ has arrived in the nick of time to stop the ticking time bomb set by Arizona Republicans. There is no question that we need serious solutions to address our broken immigration system, but a 50-state patchwork of ineffective, conflicting and costly state laws won't work..."

Eliseo Medina, SEIU Goon & Rabid Reconquista Zealot -- The Hill -- Washington -- July 3, 2010   
GOP obstructing amnesty for illegal aliens   
Those of us frustrated by perpetual inaction on immigration reform [read: amnesty] were reminded yesterday that President Obama was elected president, not king. Despite his every effort to deliver a federal fix to our broken immigration system, the president cannot act alone...

TheNewsGals.com -- July 1, 2010     
Amnesty Skulduggery: Obama 'under pressure'   
...Latino leaders have also stated their intent on making immigration reform a very public and divisive issue, hoping to force Republicans to support immigration bills. According to Eliseo Medina, a leader of the SEIU, the group' s goal is to make it very clear who supports immigration legislation [amnesty] and who does not...

TIME Magazine -- May 10, 2010   
Why G.O.P. senators won't play on amnesty scheme   
..."The immigrant and Latino communities are looking very closely at what's going on whether you're a Democrat or Republican," says Eliseo Medina, the Service Employee's International Union's international executive VP. "What you do between now and November is going to be very determinative of how people are going to vote."

Twitter -- May 6, 2010     
Union thug targets Arizona illegal alien law   
Head SEIU goon Eliseo Medina: "We'll use the power of our voice & the power of our purse strings to stop SB1070 b4 it is implemented in Arizona."

Service Employees International Union -- April 27, 2010         
Notorious SEIU goon rails against new Arizona law   
On Sunday, SEIU Exec. Vice President Eliseo Medina spoke to the people of Arizona to support them in their fight against Senate Bill 1070. This bill was signed into law on Friday by Governor Jan Brewer and allows police to use racial profiling based on the suspicion of being an [illegal alien.... criminal]...

Eliseo Medina (SEIU Goon) -- Politico -- April 21, 2010     
Avid Mexican invasion fan claims immigration policy is GOP's weak spot   
It's just the start of the 2010 election season, and Republican candidates are already lining up to use the same old anti-immigrant rhetoric [he's lying... he really means "anti-illegal immigration," of course]. -- We've heard these scripts before. Rather than offer real solutions to help put the United States back on track....

Yid with the Lid -- April 12, 2010     
SEIU Executive VP: 'White workers are so f***ing rabidly racist"   
Immigration Reform (a.k.a. amnesty) is a key SEIU issue as it would allow the unions to add millions of members to its rolls, filling its bank accounts, while bringing its failing pension plans closer to solvency. Unfortunately for the union much of its membership is very much opposed to amnesty... [Watch this same Gerry Hudson creep lie about the Tea Party movement]

Washington Post -- April 9, 2010    
SEIU whining about Obama's immigration enforcement policies   
...Eliseo Medina, international executive vice president of Service Employees International Union, said SEIU members want DHS "to stop these crazy, irrational policies," while seeking to turn up pressure on Congress to take up overhaul legislation. SEIU is holding vigils and demonstrations Thursday in Oakland and Sacramento, Calif...

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